Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Destroyer of jobs...

Democrats want this job creator dead

by Sam Rolley

As Hillary Clinton vows to dismantle it, America’s firearm industry is shining as one of the few bright spots in the nation’s economy after its economic impact grew 158 percent since 2008.

According to figures from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the industry’s economic impact soared to $49.3 billion last year. That’s up from a $19.1 billion economic impact from firearm and ammunition producers in 2008.

“Our industry is proud to be one of the truly bright spots in our economy as an unprecedented number of Americans have chosen to exercise their fundamental right to keep and bear arms and to safely enjoy the shooting sports,” said Stephen L. Sanetti, NSSF president and chief executive officer, said of the report.

About $14 billion of that money went to wages for the 287,986 employees who work either directly in the firearms manufacturing industry or in indirect and supplier roles.

“We have increased our direct workforce by about 21,000 in the last two years alone, adding jobs that pay an average of more than $50,000 in wages and benefits. In addition, since 2008 we increased federal tax payments by 144 percent, Pittman-Robertson excise taxes that support wildlife conservation by 92 percent and state business taxes by 96 percent,” Sanetti said.

Last year, the firearm industry generated $6.2 billion in federal taxes.


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