Wednesday, April 6, 2016

It's all part of the plan, folks...

Liberal arts professor says schools should stop teaching algebra because America's children are too stupid to handle it (but will still be allowed to vote one day!)

by: J. D. Heyes

The signs that America's primary education system is collapsing are everywhere for anyone who cares to look, and one of the most recent examples ought to appall you.

As noted by The Associated Press (AP), Andrew Hacker, emeritus political science professor at taxpayer-funded Queens College in New York City, in a new book actually argues that requiring students to pass basic Algebra before they can graduate is some cruel exercise that causes millions of kids to drop out of school.

Yes, the irony is rich: An academic who had to pass rigorous coursework in order to rise to the level of professor emeritus is arguing that some aspects of public school education are too difficult.

"One out of 5 young Americans does not graduate from high school. This is one of the worst records in the developed world. Why? The chief academic reason is they failed ninth-grade algebra," Hacker told the AP.

So, what does our supposed brainiac recommend instead?

"Instead of learning how to solve rudimentary equations, Hacker argues, American high schoolers should be presented with a math curriculum concentrating on statistics and number sense," The Daily Caller reported, continuing to define number sense as "an en-vogue academic buzzword for the ability to estimate and compare numbers."

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