Thursday, August 20, 2015

Yeah, let's vote for this guy...

Jeb Bush Calls For Full-Scale NSA Surveillance Dictatorship In America


2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush has gone on the record with his belief that the massive and overpowering National Security Agency actually needs more power.

Speaking at a national security forum in South Carolina, Bush called for broader NSA powers to combat so-called “evildoers” despite the fact that a vast majority of terror suspects arrested since 9/11 have been helped and sometimes entirely coaxed along by the FBI. Bush also called for private technology firms to work more closely with the government, which in reality means allow the NSA access to the data on any and all Americans.

“There’s a place to find common ground between personal civil liberties and NSA doing its job,” Bush said according to the Associated Press. “I think the balance has actually gone the wrong way.”

The AP also reported that Bush wants to revisit the minor rollbacks made to the anti freedom Patriot Act, essentially making the implementation of a full-scale surveillance state part of his campaign platform.

This Jeb Bush call to give the NSA even more powers is in direct opposition with most Republican presidential candidates as well as civil libertarians and privacy rights activists on both sides of the aisle. It also directly lines up with the will of the establishment powers that are largely funding his campaign.

Interestingly, giving the NSA even more power would actually further allow them to control elected politicians through their already documented surveillance of members of Congress.

The National Security Agency has actively targeted members of Congress since at least the early 1970’s as detailed in whistleblower testimony first released by famous investigative journalist Duncan Campbell and detailed in a report I wrote on Campbell and his work on ECHELON.

Margaret Newsham explained that ECHELON was an automated computer-driven system for sifting and sorting all types of international civilian communications intercepted from satellites — mainly operated by U.S. companies.

The scale of the operation she described took my breath away (this was 1988, remember). The NSA and its partners had arranged for everything we communicated to be grabbed and potentially analyzed.

ECHELON was at the heart of a massive, billion-dollar expansion of global electronic surveillance for the 21st century, she explained. She feared the scale of automated surveillance. “Its immensity almost defies comprehension. … It is important for the truth to come out,” she said. “I don’t believe we should put up with being controlled by Big Brother.”


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