Monday, August 31, 2015

Get ready...

Are you ready for the next big crash?
by Bob Livingston

Don’t worry. There won’t be a stock market crash. CNN told us so and even gave us five reasons to “remain (at least somewhat) bullish on the stock market.”

Great news. Someone — Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen? — has put the air back in the stock market balloon.

Even The Heritage Foundation chimed in. “Markets rise and fall all the time,” Heritage’s “expert” said of the recent carnage. “Monday’s drop is not all that unusual, and certainly not reason to panic.”

Of course, when the politicians, the talking head “experts” and the MSM tell you to not panic, it’s time to take notice … and likely time to panic, if you are like most people. Something bad is on the horizon.

So-called “experts” and the mainstream financial media claim they never see a crash coming. They are always “surprised” by bad economic news. And if it’s too “surprising,” they just manipulate the numbers after the fact to make them look better.

Yellen herself, in a Jan. 22, 2007 speech, said “I think the concerns we used to hear about the possibility of a devastating collapse — one that might be big enough to cause a recession in the U.S. economy — have been largely allayed.” Later that year in another speech she said, “[G]rowth in the U.S. is, and is likely to remain, healthy.” Recall that it was just a year later that the housing and derivatives bubbles burst and the economy went into the crapper, setting off the Great Recession under which we continue to suffer.

As late as mid-2007, Ben Bernanke, Yellen’s predecessor at the Federal Reserve (which is neither “federal” nor holds any “reserves”), said he thought the economy was behaving perfectly and would continue to expand and prosper. But Bernanke, despite (or maybe because of) heading up the Fed, knows little about managing money.

The truth is that Yellen, Bernanke, the banksters, the propaganda media, the politicians and their cronies lie, cheat and steal. All the talk about good times and recoveries is for public consumption to continue to prop up the phony market and provide cover for their crimes. The U.S. currency has been in a collapse since the Federal Reserve was created by the bankster criminals in 1913.

By hiding the truth, the money creators seek to control the system, or non-system of fiat dollars, which they use to control us. Americans believe they have trillions of dollars in savings and investments. In truth, what they have is only numbers, not substance. It is fiat, which is “money” only by the decree of the “authority” of government.

My friends, shocking economic events lie dead ahead. It is all too clear that Wall Street and the government have the propaganda machine wide open in a desperate attempt to maintain public confidence. We are set up to be slammed by another collapse of the stock market and economy. All signs point to September. I can’t say September for certain, but I believe it will be soon — very soon.

It is our hope that you readers will not be surprised, rather that you will be prepared for events just ahead.

There is serious reason for pessimism. The huge U.S. debt burden is unsustainable — even the Congressional Budget Office says so — and it absolutely could not withstand deflation and monetary collapse as happened in the 1930s. This type of deflation would bankrupt the system beyond recovery.

The Chinese have been liquidating U.S. Treasuries for several months and officially communicated with the U.S. this fact last week. This signals the Chinese economy is in really bad shape and is bad news for Yellen’s intentions to raise interest rates in September. It’s more than likely that the Chinese “boom economy” was a complete fiction anyway and built on ghost cities and infrastructure no one even uses.

The eurozone is also in sad shape. If those countries join China in dumping Treasuries, interest rates could spike.

Former Fed Chair (and author of the last bubble) Alan Greenspan is warning of a “pending bond market bubble.” Maybe he’s learned something since he retired.

“I knew something was brewing,” Greenspan said of his last days at the Fed, that ended in January 2006, “but I missed the actual date as in, frankly, did everybody else.”

That’s not exactly true. In my December 2007 issue of The Bob Livingston Letter™, I wrote:

The U.S. housing market is the largest market in the world. You can imagine what economic madness lies ahead.

The housing bubble was created to burst. It is a mess and the whole world is holding its breath. Hot air will not support anything, but this is the foundation of the housing bubble.

In my February 2008 BLL, I wrote:

The focus of the Federal Reserve is on preventing the collapse of the financial balloon.

There is no free market solution to the credit collapse. More likely we are witnessing a de facto nationalization of the banking system in which massive profits flow to the private sector while big losses accrue to the public, as always.

The banking system is insolvent or on the verge of insolvency. The Fed will be voicing repeated concerns about inflation while sacrificing the savers of the world to salvage the banking system.

We will float on paper money. Buy gold and silver!

Up to now, gold has served mainly as a bet against the dollar and U.S. policy failures, but just ahead, gold will be a strong bet against all fiat globalism. Gold is a tremendous alternative to political foolishness. We sit in the middle of a spectacular finale in the next two to three years.

In 2008, I expect silver to glitter maybe at an all time nominal high.

The planners are managing a silent and invisible reduction in the American living standard.

Be forewarned!

When the economic situation is good, the market makes a slow, but steady, climb. But when the economy is sour, the market is volatile, with wild swings up and down. Six of the 10 largest point gains in history occurred during the last collapse. It took months for the 2008 collapse to play out.

As The Burning Platform blog stated: “If you are a critical thinking awake individual who can see the wheels are coming off this debt dependent bus to nowhere, you would take the opportunity to sell into today’s dead cat bounce. If you choose to believe the shills, shysters and hucksters paraded on the corporate MSM over the last two days, you will end up like millions of other Muppets.”

The collapsing market will likely preclude any rate hikes by the Fed and will, in fact, usher in a new round of quantitative easing (money printing). This will set off a deflationary collapse.

The U.S. dollar will collapse as a direct result of an avalanche of printing press money. When the dollar crashes, to restore confidence there will be some form of a gold-backed dollar. It will have to happen somewhere in the future.

When a national currency is destroyed and the economy collapses, the only recourse is gold. The point is gold will have to be at a much higher price to back the U.S. dollar.

This will prove to be the catalyst that kick-starts the new bear market in gold and silver. Those who hold gold and silver will greatly benefit.

World renowned gold expert Jim Sinclair had this to say last week about what’s coming:

Number one, the downside on gold is extraordinarily limited here. Two, the rally we are facing that will come in gold is going to be stupendous. Three, they [his sources] tell me we may never call you back because this may be the rally you don’t sell. This may be the rally you don’t sell because gold is moving from a currency form to a valuation form. . . . This may be the last time we call you means this is a rally that is not meant to be sold. What is coming up in front of us is the Great Reset where currencies wear their gold like ladies wear a necklace, and the most beautiful necklace will be the strongest currency. The ladies without the necklace won’t be invited to the ball. Huge changes are coming. The dollar is always going to be with us, and the yuan and all of the currencies are still going to be there. We are not going to one single currency. The SDR (Special Drawing Rights) is nothing more than a glorified index of currencies. It’s a cure to nothing. How can a package of junk cure the problem of junk? It can’t. The two last men standing will be gold and gold on steroids — silver.

Sinclair predicts a gold price of $50,000 per ounce, and that silver will outperform gold by a multiple of two to five.

If you have gold and/or silver, you are not like most people and there is no need to panic. Just hang on and buy more while it’s still cheap. If you don’t have any, start buying now. Hold some cash to get you through any bank “holidays.” You shouldn’t have your cash in banks anyway, at least no more than is necessary to cover your bills. Have some food, water, guns and ammunition stored.

Gold and silver are forever! Paper money is always destroyed by its greedy creators.


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