Thursday, August 13, 2015

Why do neocons want to kill these people???

#EverydayinIran: Country's residents try to change preconceptions of life in Middle Eastern state with a set of stunning images

Founders of Instagram account EverydayIran are hoping to help change the stereotypical view of their country
Provides a fascinating insight into a place which is more readily associated with religious control and nuclear threats
Pictures include a cleric doing the weekly shop with his children, women learning to weld and traditional celebrations

By Flora Drury For Mailonline

Think of Iran, and images of oppression and executions, a downcast people and rugged mountains or dry deserts immediately spring to mind.

But a group of passionate Iranians have captured stunning images of their day-to-day lives - with some truly eye-opening insights into a country which people in the West associate with a religious dictatorship, watching their every move with an iron rod held aloft and ready to strike at any infraction.

Indeed, even Ali Kaveh, one of the founders of EverydayIran, claims he has found himself surprised at the pictures emerging from his home country.

Read more and see images here:

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