Wednesday, April 29, 2015

They are all the same...

And you still think your vote matters?

by Bob Livingston

The Republican rank and file love to pounce on conservatives who vote for principle over party by voting for a third party candidate, or those who don’t vote at all. “Don’t vote for the Republican, you might as well vote for the Democrat,” they’ll tell you. Just “elect a Republican—any Republican—and things will get better,” they say.

Like a battered spouse who continues to return home, Republican voters believe tomorrow will be different. “He loves me, after all,” they tell themselves.

Last week the Republican establishment battered their voters again, this time in confirming a virulent racist – Eric Holder in a skirt – as attorney general.

Loretta Lynch supports a ban on semi-automatic weapons. She supports universal background checks. And under oath, she claimed not to know anything about Operation Chokepoint, a Justice Department backdoor gun control initiative that puts the squeeze on banks to force them into refusing to do business with gun and ammunition manufacturers and sellers, particularly online vendors. She also said she would continue to support President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty.

It’s obvious the Constitution means nothing to her, and in claiming she doesn’t know what Operation Chokepoint is she’s either lying or too ignorant to be the nation’s top “law enforcer.”

Yet when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Republican-led Senate had an opportunity to kill her nomination, they wilted like a picked flower in the Texas summer sun.

As Gun Owners of America points out:

First, McConnell brought up her nomination — even though he, alone, could have stopped Lynch’s confirmation by refusing to move to proceed to her. Then, McConnell filed what’s known as a “cloture petition” to shut down the pro-gun filibuster. Finally, the effects of leadership strong-arming were evidenced by the fact that several Republicans flipped their votes (a.k.a., lied) and voted to shut down the pro-gun filibuster — in a move called “cloture.”

Many of the fifteen senators on this Liars’ List had openly committed to gun owners that they would oppose Lynch. And they did oppose her on the 56-43 final passage vote — when their votes didn’t matter.

But, on the vote where we could have won with only 41 votes, many on this Liars’ List flipped their votes and voted for Lynch.

Consider, there were 43 Senators who voted against Lynch on the final nomination vote. If they had ALSO VOTED against Lynch on the “cloture” vote — where only 41 opposition votes were needed — the Lynch nomination would have easily failed.

Lynch is said to be being groomed for nomination to the Supreme Court. Doubtless she would rule against any pro-gun cases that came to the court.

Yet this was an acceptable nominee to McConnell and eight other Republicans. Of course, those Republicans along with McConnell who supported her nomination are the usual suspects: Ayotte, Cochran, Collins, Flake, Graham, Hatch, Johnson and Portman.


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