Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's all part of the plan, folks...

Central Planners Are Creating Another Free Trade Deal

By Chris Rossini

In reality, free trade means government keeps its nose out of our business and we trade with one another freely. It requires no legislation or treaties between governments. Free trade is what exists when you peel away the government.

In a fantasy world, however, free trade means thousands of pages of government stipulations, sweetheart deals for crony corporations, and more restrictions than you can shake a stick at.

Government and its cronies are very slick though...they call their fascist schemes "free trade" agreements. That way, when the schemes fall apart (as they must) guess what takes the blame?

You got it! Free trade!

It's a devious little trick, and it works like a charm.

Obama is working on a new fascist ball of yarn called the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Meanwhile, Chris Christie wants to review a yarn that was spun years ago, called the North American Free Trade Agreement.

CNN quotes Christie as saying:

"It's been 20 years now since NAFTA was put into effect. We need to be talking to our neighbors about what the next generation of NAFTA will look like." [...]

"I think there are many ways to work with Canadians and Mexicans to make North America a more powerful force in all of this..."

Christie more broadly outlined his vision for North America...
Ahh yes, Christie has a vision for North America. Meanwhile, in his very own state of New Jersey, his pet multi-billion casino (The Revel) sits empty in bankruptcy.

Apparently that vision didn't pan out.

I say enough with the visions delusions. Christie and the government shouldn't be central planning in New Jersey, or the United States, or in all of North America. Government's involvement only creates distortions, malinvestments, and it screws with all of our economic lives.

Government should be forbidden from creating another bogus "free trade" agreement, and all prior agreements should be erased like Hillary's hard drives.

That way, free trade (without the quotes) will raise us out of the economic sewer.


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