Sunday, April 26, 2015

Oh, the hypocrisy...

Progressive lawmakers in California violate women's rights with SB 277; children to be physically violated by government without parental consent

by Mike Adams

California lawmakers pushing the mandatory vaccine initiative SB 277 are almost all Democrats. These are the same people who defiantly defend the right of "a woman's choice" to decide the issue of abortion. We are repeatedly told that abortion is the woman's choice alone, and that no government, no man and no doctor can force a woman to do something with her body against her will.

This also holds true with the issue of sexual encounters, where we are frequently reminded that NO means NO. If the woman doesn't consent, then it's called rape. So what do you call a forced medical intervention that physically violates a woman's body against her wishes? "Medical rape" doesn't seem quite appropriate. There must be a more poignant term for it.

Democrats want to force themselves upon women without consent
When the issue comes to hysteria-driven vaccines, suddenly nearly all Democrats abandon the principle of "women's choice." A woman's body isn't really her body after all, we learn from the Democrats, because they want to force her to submit to having her own body -- and her children's bodies -- physically violated by the government with a harmful medical intervention.

Let's clarify the obvious contradiction in all this:

• When it comes to abortion and sex, NO MEANS NO.

• But when it comes to vaccines, California Democrats now insists that NO MEANS YES!

This bizarre and devastating contradiction is the highlight of my newest video mini-documentary video entitled, "My Body, My Choice."

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What this video correctly points out is that the progressive philosophy of "women's choice" is now being utterly abandoned by Democrats. The political delusional now emerging is that the government owns your body and can therefore force you to do something with it without your consent...

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