Monday, November 17, 2014

"The political class — and those who feed off it — consists mainly of progressives who are drawn into the system because they believe they are smarter and better than everyone else and they know better how you should live and what is good for you. They want to force their choices on you — choices that don’t apply to them and to which they don’t or won’t adhere."

The true nature of government and its agents

Bob Livingston

Every now and again, Providence provides “smoking gun” evidence of the conspiracy to dumb-down and control Americans and others. To the informed, like you true conservatives, the evidence is always self-evident, as in the curricula pushed in government schools or the existence of decision makers in the mass media and the government who all belong to the Council on Foreign Relations and other globalist organizations. “Mere coincidence,” the naysayers respond.

Now comes red hot and smoking gun evidence from Jonathan Gruber, the gift that keeps on giving.

Gruber is one of the architects of the deathcare system known as Obamacare. A firestorm erupted after he was caught on video in rare moments of candor on at least three separate occasions expressing his disdain for “stupid” Americans. Don’t think for a minute that Gruber is an outlier among the political class, and don’t believe for a minute that his feigned regret at having made the statement in any way changes the fact that he spoke what he believes.

The Gruber gift keeps giving as the elites attempt to distance themselves from him and in doing so expose more of their nature. Nancy Pelosi, who claimed when questioned she did not know who Gruber was and that he had nothing to do with Obamacare, has been exposed in another of her own lies after a tape surfaced in which she spoke specifically about Gruber and his Obamacare analysis.

Government by its nature attracts people who are liars and thieves, who are parasitic in nature, greedy and without conscience. In short, these are people who have the born mentality to live off of other people.

Politics and government are perfectly made for them. Keep in mind, there are exceptions, but they are few.

These (as I call them) humanoids have unusual qualities and attributes of personality that allow them to present a benevolent, caring and concerned facade. Most people have absolutely no hint that these humanoids wear masks that hide them as charlatans and greedy monsters.

The political class — and those who feed off it — consists mainly of progressives who are drawn into the system because they believe they are smarter and better than everyone else and they know better how you should live and what is good for you. They want to force their choices on you — choices that don’t apply to them and to which they don’t or won’t adhere.

They are most often highly educated and hold multiple degrees from elite schools where they are further indoctrinated into their progressive ideology and where their egos were further stroked to increase their attitude of superiority. This is especially true of those who inhabit the District of Criminals and those in its orbit, like Gruber.

And those politicians without that pedigree — including those who may have even been “normal” people when first elected — who make it into the D.C. bubble soon become caught up in the system and become part of the system and develop the same ego, the same thought process and the same disdain for the people they are supposed to represent.

I call these people humanoids because they are deviants and devious. They have no conscience and no moral scruples. They are no respecter of persons except that they exhibit a feigned glow to extract something. Their every thought is how to make the world flow to themselves. They will rip off their own parents or mate without a second thought.

Selfishness is a kind word to describe them. What shall we call those people besides humanoids? By definition they are psychopaths. A more gentle term is sociopaths. But most psychopaths don’t know that they are psychopaths. This makes them even more aggressive and sinister because some actually believe they are acting upon altruistic motives.

Elite politicians and most white progressives hold most Americans in great disdain. To them, conservatives are racist hicks and trailer trash clinging to their guns and religion — backward and ignorant and “anti” progressive. Or, in their mind, regressive. You can even see it in their comments to conservatives on this site. This is, of course, balderdash.

Politicians and government agents lie without remorse and without consequence and as a matter of policy. They lie and deceive, as Gruber stated, to pass bills they know the American people do not want and that are not needed and serve some high-minded purpose — or sometimes simply more cronyism/fascism.

History is replete with politicians who lied about the nefarious legislation they were pushing. When the Federal Reserve Act was rammed through Congress, congressmen who helped to write the bill claimed in public pronouncements they opposed it because they knew that people who believed they opposed it would support it. In other words, they turned truth on its head.

But in the case of Obamacare, it was not most Americans who were deceived, as Gruber supposes. Obamacare has been opposed by the majority of conservatives since its inception. That’s because most conservatives recognized it as a lie from the beginning.

Only the foolish low-information voters and white progressives — most educated beyond their intelligence — have fallen for and continue to fall for the Obamacare lie. Look at this map from CQ Roll Call and you can get an idea of who has been fooled by the Obamacare lie and who has not.

Police officers, also known as LEOs (legally entitled to oppress), lie as a matter of policy in an effort to get people to incriminate themselves. They claim to have evidence they do not have in order to obtain confessions. They lie about the facts of the law they are supposedly upholding, counting on the ignorance of the citizen they are interacting with.

They lie to cover each other’s misdeeds, and they lie by fabricating charges against people they oppress — like charging women they are sexually assaulting with resisting arrest for resisting the sexual attack.

Prosecutors lie by fabricating evidence in court in order to obtain a conviction and suppressing evidence that would harm their case.

The FBI lies by sending undercover agents or operatives to infiltrate groups and encourage patsies to commit crimes or acts of violence they would not normally consider. And like LEOs, they lie to suspects by claiming to be holding evidence they do not have.

But if a person, in an interaction with an LEO or other government agents, lies or even misremembers something that is part of an investigation, that person will be prosecuted and persecuted to fullest extent. For instance, Martha Stewart’s “crime” was that she was wealthy and disliked by some people. The government could not prove its case of insider trading, so they charged her with obstructing justice (i.e., lying) about whether she had inside information.

The people who want big government are always ready to seize power by whatever means necessary. And they have been solidly in power in the U.S. since the establishment of the Federal Reserve monetary system in 1913.

The men in political power under any party name keep themselves and their buddies in power to keep their mass corruption covered up. The same bureaucrats are always in charge so as to keep a tight lid on in order to prevent exposure.

Politicians are employees of the state. Why are these people so anti the American people? Why do they consistently promote socialism? Why do they have no financial responsibility? Why do they always promote the socialist agenda and support bills contrary to human liberty and personal liberty?

The answer is that there are two kinds of people in the world, and always has been, and never will the two become one. On one side is the great mass of basically honest people, then there is government and its supporters.

Sociopathic politicians and bureaucrats are usually intelligent and articulate. They know how to articulate to express the power of speech. They repeat the themes of the elite and the party line. They are cold and calculating and their every intent is to stay in office and stay in government.

But they are easy to spot. You can know them by their fruits. Here are their traits:

•They have glibness and superficial charm.
•They are manipulative and cunning. Under their feigned charm, they are covertly hostile and domineering.
•They have a grandiose sense of self.
•They are pathological liars.
•They have no remorse, shame or guilt.
•They have shallow emotions.
•They have incapacity for love.
•They are not concerned about how many lives they wreck.
•They usually have promiscuous sexual behavior.
•They have poor work ethic but are masters of exploiting others.
•They have versatility; they will change their image quickly to avoid prosecution.
•They are contemptuous of anyone who understands them, like this writer.
•They think only of their own immediate gratification.
•They are found in all political parties.

Plainly stated, an elite group rules no matter which political party appears to be in power.


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