Friday, November 21, 2014


Polar Vortex; Global Warming

Feast and Famine

Never have cared for liars, or lying for profit.

While North America freezes in autumn and shovels snow, it is entertaining to hear the latest logic-contortions--coming from corrupted scientists, heads of state and news-mouths.

Whistle-blowers, who make data-waves with Global Warming rebuttals, have been fired from high-powered university and research positions. They've been mocked by political hacks preaching party line.

BELIEVE global warming... Think globally and act locally... Pay us your carbon taxes.

(Oinking is heard offstage.)

Government bodies may pound their chests about "owning the weather" but cycles longer than sound bites, and even empires, may be in play. Those would be: planetary cycles spanning centuries and millennia.

Historically lots of sunspots have created periods of warmth and good harvests on earth. Most of us now alive have basked in that abundance.

Few sunspots brought deep snow, poor harvests, illness and famine.

We're rich in entertainment now, but poor in sunspots in this expected solar maximum.

Over the last thousand years, earth has experienced five periods of few sunspots, according to Dr. Abdussamatov, the Russian climate expert and astrophysicist:

"A global freeze will come about regardless of whether or not industrialized countries put a cap on their greenhouse gas emissions."

Meanwhile, at the Global Warming pulpit, ever-busy Obama bean-counters have calculated methane emissions from cow-belching and farts! Which will not be tolerated.

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