Sunday, November 16, 2014

"If the Republican Party and its lawmakers in Congress are serious about reining in Obama and his lawless “climate” decrees, the solution is unbelievably simple: Refuse to appropriate funding to implement them."

Obama Prepares Avalanche of Executive Orders on “Climate”
Written by Alex Newman

Faced with his party’s loss of the Senate and growing public skepticism surrounding man-made “global warming” theories, Obama is plotting to unleash an avalanche of unconstitutional “executive orders” to impose his “climate” agenda on the American people by decree. From signing radical “climate” deals with communist dictators and lawlessly pledging billions of taxpayer dollars for unsavory regimes, to forcing Americans to pay drastically more for electricity by ordering power plants to reduce emissions of the “gas of life” carbon dioxide, the president shows no intention of stopping — or even slowing down. Politico described the anticipated surge of executive orders as the “coming climate onslaught.” Ironically, perhaps, much of the nation is currently experiencing an onslaught of record cold.

Of course, the GOP and its leaders in Congress have been lashing out at Obama’s “pen and phone” scheming in public — and polls show a majority of Americans reject discredited global-warming theories advanced by the United Nations and Obama. It remains to be seen, though, whether Republican lawmakers will appropriate funds for Obama to implement his executive decrees. GOP leadership in the House and the Senate have both lambasted the administration’s “climate” plans, and alarmist Democrats were crushed in the mid-term elections despite heavy establishment backing. Still, no concrete plans to refuse funding for Obama’s schemes have been announced.

The White House, meanwhile, falsely claims the American people’s elected representatives can do nothing to stop Obama. “There are too many Republicans in Congress who even deny the basic scientific fact that climate change is occurring and something that policymakers should be concerned about [sic],” claimed White House spokesman Josh Earnest, though it was not clear whether there was actually a single lawmaker who denies that the climate changes naturally and probably always will. “So the president will use his executive action to take some additional steps.” The Constitution Obama swore to uphold, of course, grants all legislative powers to Congress and none to the executive branch.

Among the deluge of “environmental” decrees Obama is preparing to unleash on the embattled American people is a “regulation” that analysts say may be the most expensive rule in U.S. history. Purportedly dealing with “ozone,” the White House and its scandal-plagued Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are planning to unveil a decree on December 1 that would drastically limit emissions of the natural gas. “This would be the most expensive regulation ever imposed on the American public,” explained the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), which opposes the decree. In a study, the organization found that the rule could cost $270 billion per year while putting millions more American jobs at risk.

Other decrees in the White House pipeline include regulations on power plants’ disposal of coal ash. A separate executive-branch mandate dealing with emissions that cross state lines is expected by January 1. Then comes perhaps one of the most radical and controversial decrees: a “final rule” purporting to restrict CO2 emissions from new power plants under the patently fraudulent premise that CO2 is “pollution.” The decree, advanced under the Clean Air Act by claiming that the gas you exhale and that plants require for life is “pollution,” is considered one of the “centerpieces” of Obama’s “climate plan.”

While some devoted climate alarmists still claim the natural gas drives “catastrophic global warming,” independent scientists reject the claim as one of the biggest scientific frauds ever perpetrated against humanity. Considering the fact that there has been no warming in 18 years and counting, experts also say the observable evidence has discredited the UN’s dubious theory. Even if CO2 were linked to alleged global warming, human emissions of the gas represent a fraction of one percent of the “greenhouse gases” present naturally in the atmosphere. Still, as he boasted before the election, Obama is plotting to make electricity rates “skyrocket” under the guise of battling the “gas of life.”

As The New American reported this week, Obama also signed a pseudo-treaty with Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping that purports to mandate drastic cuts in emissions of CO2 for Americans. Because virtually every human activity releases the natural and essential-to-life gas — including breathing — the implications for the U.S. economy and freedom are monumental. Under the lawless agreement between Obama and Xi, the communist dictator promised the ruthlessly oppressed people of China would be forced to stop “increasing” their CO2 emissions by 2030.

Beyond the unconstitutional agreement with Xi, the White House has been publicly threatening to impose a UN “climate” regime on America by decree as well. Instead of obtaining the advice and consent of the U.S. Senate as required by the Constitution for all treaties — something that would be virtually impossible, even if the Democrats still controlled that body — Obama plans to use his “pen and phone” to shackle America to the planetary agreement. The radical strategy primarily involves semantics and legal quackery: Instead of calling the controversial scheme a “treaty,” the White House is pursuing what it calls an international “accord.”

The UN’s climate czar, Christiana Figueres, recently blasted the U.S. constitutional system of government as “very detrimental” to imposing a climate regime. Instead, she said, the ruthless communist dictatorship in Beijing that Obama just signed a climate deal with was “doing it right” when it comes to battling “global warming.” Among other tactics, the autocracy has boasted that its “one-child policy,” enforced via forced abortions, had prevented the births of 400 million human beings and the accompanying “carbon emissions” they would be expected to release.

In September, meanwhile, Obama issued a sweeping climate “executive order” that will help keep Third World nations poor in perpetuity. The decree, dubbed “Climate-Resilient International Development” by the White House, purports to mandate that all federal agencies start considering “climate preparedness” and “climate resilience” in all of their international “development” schemes. The New American’s William Jasper described the order and the broader “clean energy” scheming as “a prescription for global energy poverty” that will leave vulnerable nations even more exposed to being ravished by natural and man-made disasters. The order also establishes yet another federal bureaucracy to deal with implementing the scheme.

More recently, Obama “pledged” to extract another $3 billion from U.S. taxpayers — or borrow it from Communist China, perhaps — to distribute to the “Global Fund.” That “fund” will then distribute the taxpayer cash to Third World regimes under the guise of dealing with “global warming.” Of course, as revealed in official documents released by WikiLeaks, a key component of getting the world’s tin-pot dictators onboard with the UN “climate” regime, which will devastate the poorest people worldwide, involves big taxpayer-funded bribes to their regimes disguised as “climate resiliency” funding.

Of course, Obama has been boasting of his plans to rule America by fiat since his last “State of the Union” address. And true to his promise, in addition to the upcoming “executive order” spree on climate, the White House has been unleashing decrees on everything from gun control to immigration. As soon as next week, Obama may also announce another series of decrees purporting to provide amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Some Republicans in Congress now say impeachment is the proper solution.

If the Republican Party and its lawmakers in Congress are serious about reining in Obama and his lawless “climate” decrees, the solution is unbelievably simple: Refuse to appropriate funding to implement them. There is literally not a thing the White House could do about it except loudly complain, bully, and possibly blackmail. While the establishment press would be almost certain to parrot the administration’s hysterical talking points, less than one-fourth of Americans believe the “mainstream” media is credible anyway. Plus, as the elections and surveys have made clear, voters elected Republicans to stop Obama’s agenda — not enable it. Now they have a chance to prove themselves and uphold their oath of office.


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