Sunday, November 9, 2014

"Narcissists don't like being ignored."

The Voting Propaganda Didn't Work...Bernie Sanders Has An Idea
By Chris Rossini

One of the bright spots in America is that, despite the massive propaganda to get Americans to vote, 60% chose not to on this past election day.

That's despite the endless commercials, the robocalling, the door-knocking, the political spam that littered all our neighborhood lawns, the celebrity endorsements. What a waste. The vast majority of us still gave them a collective middle-finger.

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders is bothered by this. Something else has to be done. His idea? Make election day a national holiday! Democracy Day! There's even a bill to create it.

In other words, the Senator wants everyone to stop serving their neighbor (by working), and instead beat their neighbor over the head with government (by voting).

Narcissists don't like being ignored.


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