Monday, November 10, 2014

Exposing the truth???

Twists and Turns: Major Sandy Hook motive emerges/Wolfgang forced off the road

by Jim Fetzer

“Using the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre as its justification, the Obama administration has recently given the psychiatric business and pharmaceutical industry a major gift by quietly introducing a behavioral and mental health program in public schools throughout the United States”–James Tracy

Several significant developments confirm that we are on the track to exposing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about Sandy Hook, including new information that appears to expose the motive behind the hoax.

One is that Wolfgang Halbig, the Forida State Trooper, former school principal and national school safety expert was warned that he was “irritating” some powerful people during a 30-minute phone call last Monday, 3 November 2014.

In a classic scene right from a Hollywood thriller, he was forced off the road by a black SUV as he returned from Olive Garden with take-out for him and his wife, scattering the salad and Italian cuisine throughout his own vehicle.

Nathan Folks, the Hollywood producer/director who observed that one of the players in Boston was an actor he had cast in one of his own films and that what was taking place there is known as “hyper-realistic filming”, in which scenes are made as realistic as possible (to condition green troops as to what they might experience in combat), mentioned Wolf’s experience on “Info Wars’ Nightly News” (Thursday, 6 November 2014) as follows (the 2nd hour):

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