Monday, November 3, 2014

Ebola a false-flag???

The Ebola ‘epidemic’ has all the makings of a false flag

by Bob Livingston

It appears increasingly likely that the Ebola “epidemic” is a false flag episode that is being perpetrated upon the American people and the world.

False flags take many forms but serve one main purpose: to grow and strengthen central authority (government) and remove liberties from the people under the altruistic mantra of keeping them “safe.” That is not to say that they don’t serve other purposes as well, as the Ebola “crisis” clearly does.

So far, Ebola is affecting only people in a handful of West African nations: Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria (plus one case in Senegal and two cases in America). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims there are 13,703 total cases, but only 7,637 are confirmed Ebola. The CDC attributes 4,922 total deaths to Ebola out of a total population of 195.3 million people in the main four African nations mentioned.

For comparison, there are more than 110,000 Americans killed every year by adverse reactions to FDA-approved drugs, and as many 440,000 annual preventable U.S. deaths due to medical errors. The CDC claims as many as 49,000 Americans die each year from the flu (though it admits in the fine print that no more than 8.5 percent of those are actually flu-related). Yet fewer than 5,000 Ebola deaths in Africa is a sign of an existential crisis, we are told.

These countries and their people are suffering from decades of war and the resulting environmental pollution, poor sanitation, malnutrition, dirty water and little or no infrastructure — conditions that are all detrimental to human health and immunity. There are also reports that the U.S. has biowarfare labs in the region, that manufacturing plants are dumping toxic chemicals into the water supply and soil, and that agencies like the Red Cross are intentionally infecting people under the guise of vaccination programs.

Whether those 7,637 or 13,703 — or whatever figure health authorities pull from their hats — contracted a disease called Ebola is pure speculation, at best. The inventor of the PCR test for Ebola says the test is not adequate for diagnosing Ebola. The Department of Defense’s Joint Project Manager Medical Countermeasures Systems manual, produced Aug. 14 for military units sent into the Ebola zones, says so as well.

In other words, even those 7,637 “confirmed” Ebola cases were confirmed on the basis of an inadequate test and based on symptoms that mimic other ailments and, therefore, may or may not be attributable to Ebola. So to say that Ebola cases have crossed the 13,000 is fearmongering propaganda.

Officials from government, its affiliated organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are giving mixed signals on the disease’s infectiousness. We are simultaneously told that it is highly contagious and that it is not; that it can be acquired via airborne exposure and that it cannot; that it can live on surfaces and that it cannot; that it can spread on public transportation but it cannot be contracted there; that people who have been exposed to it should be quarantined and that they should not; that it can incubate for 21 days or that it can for 42; and the list of discrepancies, absurdities and deceptions goes on. Because there is so much misinformation, disinformation and deception from the so-called authorities, it’s little wonder that Ebola is creating fear among the people.

The U.S. government’s response to Ebola is irrational. While claiming that the disease should be isolated in West Africa in order to combat it, the State Department announced plans to bring Ebola-infected healthcare works to the U.S. for treatment — even those who are not American — at a cost of $200,000 to $300,000 each.

It claims that U.S. citizens and foreigners traveling to the U.S. from Ebola-affected countries cannot and should not be quarantined — and pushed back against governors who attempted to quarantine possible Ebola-exposed travelers — yet it quarantines in Italy U.S. military personnel returning from the Ebola “Hot Zones.” It’s almost as if the Obama regime wants to facilitate the spread of the disease.

But to believe that would be crazy, tinfoil-hat conspiracy-theory talk and nuttery. The U.S. government is and always has been an agent of good in the world. It would not intentionally harm people — particularly Americans. The government is only out to promote the greater good. It tells us so all the time.

To believe such nonsense is to deny history and common sense. It is not just evil governments like Nazi Germany that have conducted vile experiments on innocent humans. The U.S. government has over the years intentionally on numerous occasions subjected American cities, groups of Americans and foreigners to disease, radiological and biowarfare agents and other experiments both subversively and secretly. And U.S. government agencies were continuing to do so very recently as a matter of standing policy, as I explained in “Who will keep us safe? Certainly not government.”

If Ebola does reach epidemic proportions in the U.S., it would “crash the healthcare system,” according to news reports. Of course, the cure for that is to throw more money at the CDC, which has, in turn, thrown $10 billion at public health systems since 2002 to help them prepare to cope with a disease outbreak. News reports claim the CDC’s budget has been cut drastically in recent years. That is specious reasoning, if not an outright lie. And of course, the agency still found plenty of money to throw at studies of fat lesbians, condom use, Vietnamese televisions and other tommyrot.

So who would benefit from an Ebola epidemic? First, as usual, would be government. It has already served to remove the terror war, the Ukraine war and the sundry Obama scandals off the front pages.

The money printers love new excuses to further devalue the currency and impoverish the people. Ebola is right up their alley.

The CDC and other government agencies are now spending billions of dollars to stockpile gowns, face shields, hazmat suits and body bags in order to prepare for an emergency, while the FDA is working with Big Pharma in a rush to develop a vaccine.

Obviously a massive outbreak would justify more money printing to further enlarge and empower government agencies like the CDC, the FDA, the Department of Health and Human Services and especially the Department of Homeland Security. Those agencies would have more authority and more money to throw at NGOs in the form of increased security measures and supply purchases, etc.

The government would implement greater security measures and restrict travel under the guise of safety. The propaganda war would ramp up, with anyone opposing increased restrictions labeled unpatriotic, selfish and a menace to society.

Once a vaccine is rushed into development, there will be great public pressure placed on the masses to be inoculated. The propaganda war on that front will be just as great as that behind the tighter security and travel restrictions implemented. Big Pharma loves mass vaccine programs because U.S. law absolves them of responsibility when their vaccines cause debilitating disease or death, yet they are guaranteed funding through the Federal Treasury and Obamacare-compliant healthcare plans.

NGOs and crony corporations would benefit from increased spending on a host of security measures and quarantine equipment.

The military benefits from its presence in West Africa — a presence for which Obama has long sought justification. It now has a de facto base there.

Those countries have resources, particularly oil and diamonds; and a U.S. military presence would secure U.S. control of those assets. Agents of the government, NGOs and crony corporations have for years used ruses of all sorts, along with the bribery and/or threats against corrupt government officials, to cut deals to build infrastructure in Third World countries in exchange for the country’s resources.

The resources are plundered, the infrastructure — built by U.S. crony corporations and often subcontracted to companies affiliated with corrupt officials in the target country — may or may not be completed, and the people in those countries are left destitute and hopeless, while their corrupt leaders reap a windfall from the bribes, kickbacks and graft.

Barring its release as a bioweapon, there is little chance that Americans in any significant number will contract Ebola; and those who do will have already had compromised immune systems. The idea of a massive pandemic from the spread of the disease is based on the germ theory created by Louis Pasteur.

If the germ theory of disease were true medical science, there would be no life on the Earth. The germ theory says that any killer epidemic would spread over the whole Earth.

Everyone knows that an epidemic does not kill everyone. Why? It’s simply because some people have stronger immunity, which overrides the germ theory.

The first U.S. Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, was sick when he came to the country. Yet despite being cooped up in an apartment with him while he was sick, three of his acquaintances did not get Ebola. Those three were even quarantined in the apartment with Duncan’s dirty linens for days.

The Obama Administration says that two of the 75 healthcare workers treating Duncan “caught” Ebola. But how can we know for sure what their sickness was when the word comes from a government that has changed its story on Ebola like a chameleon changes colors? We also don’t know the healthcare workers’ state of health before, nor is there an accurate test to determine whether Ebola was actually present in significant amounts to cause disease.

The false theory that disease germs are exterior to the body is the erroneous foundation of contagious disease. The whole immunization/vaccination theory is false. But this is the basis and foundation of a multitrillion-dollar pharmaceutical cartel, which controls all allopathic medical schools and doctors.

The medical mafia has spread their propaganda well. They have indeed deceived almost everyone. Modern medicine is a killing machine for profit.

If a person has a strong and healthy immune system, he could sleep with people dying with “contagious disease” and never even get sick. This includes Ebola, SARS, H1N1, avian flu and the common cold. What a relief this is to know, but how difficult it is to get people to believe.

So how do we ensure we have strong immune systems? It starts with a rested body and a healthy, alkaline diet. Higher alkalization means more oxygen, and more oxygen signifies higher immunity.

For an alkaline diet we must consume whole, nutrient-rich foods, mostly from raw, living sources. When you eat more than 50 percent raw foods, you can stop the inflammation triggered by processed, refined or even cooked or baked foods.

Our diet should be 80 percent vegetables (organic) with only 20 percent meats (preferably free-range and not exposed to GMOs or antibiotics). Avoid anything processed, which creates acidity in the body. Acidity leads to disease.

Also stay hydrated with water and powerful tonics like green tea and herbal teas containing cat’s claw, ginseng and ginger root.

There are a number of natural supplements you can take that boost your immune system. But peak immunity begins with a magic foursome. That magic foursome is calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C and vitamin F. The calcium should be calcium lactate, calcium citrate or calcium bicarbonate. The vitamin D should be natural vitamin D3 (really a hormone). The vitamin C should be whole complex vitamin C (not just ascorbic acid). And vitamin F should be a special form of fatty acid which is linolenic and linoleic acids, which are converted to arachidonic acid in our liver.

Then there is iodine. Iodine is a big part of peak immunity. David Brownstein, M.D., says that no virus, bacteria or parasite can resist it.

Brownstein believes, based on its symptom of bleeding out of the orifices, that Ebola is a scurvy-like disease. Scurvy is caused by insufficient vitamin C. He recommends doses of 3,000 milligrams to 5,000 milligrams per day at a minimum, if your body can tolerate it. During acute infections he recommends 5,000 milligrams to 7,000 milligrams per day, but dosages that high are only to be taken by IV and only under the supervision of a healthcare practitioner.

We don’t have to fall prey to this latest false flag if we can just convince people to step outside of conventional wisdom for a change.


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