Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Soviet Poverty Law Center...

The $250 Million Racial Racketeering Scam

Thomas DiLorenzo

I speak of course of the Soviet Poverty Law Center, the left-wing hate group that reportedly sits on net assets of a quarter of a billion dollars, some of which, one would think, could alternatively be used to help poor people. But of course it is not. It is essentially a hedge fund for the purpose of paying huge salaries and perks to those who run the racket.

The perpetually constipated-looking Mark Potok of the SPLC recently demonstrated how the scam works, by going on television to announce that “more than half of all white people” hate black people in America today. This of course is absurd, especially considering that “white America” has elected and re-elected a half-black president. The scam is apparently to say such things to the lowest of the low I.Q. liberals and leftists in America, especially poor black people, in order to scare them into sending donations to the SPLC. That’s how they have come to sit on a quarter of a billion dollars.

The, ahem, “methodology” used by the Soviet Poverty Law Center is to assume that: 1) any individual or group that is critical of big, out-of-control government holds such a position for only one reason — racism and hatred of the first half-black president; and then 2) to compile a list of as many advocates of limited government that can be found in America assuming, of course, that not one single black person would ever consider being a member of any such groups; and then 3) proclaiming that the list is “evidence” of racial hatred run amok.

These dishonest antics of the Soviet Poverty Law Center are a textbook example of the attitude of today’s Lunatic Left: They ASSERT that America is a hopelessly racist country and becoming more so, without even attempting to offer proof or argument, and then they FABRICATE “evidence.” This is also why the Lunatic Left concocts outrageous lies and libels about people like Walter Block — to fabricate “evidence” in support of their sick world view. This is also why the left-wing lapdog media accept everything the SPLC says, no matter how nonsensical, outrageous, or libelous (such as claiming that anyone with a Ron Paul bumper sticker should be considered a potential terrorist). The media, with a few exceptions, share the world view of the Soviet Poverty Law Center.


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