Friday, February 28, 2014

The militarization of our police forces continues...

13,000 Military War Vehicles Up for Grabs – How Many Will Go to Local Police Forces?

Elizabeth Kreft

Bloomberg published a flashy video pitching that 13,000 Mine Resistant Armor Protected vehicles will go to law enforcement agencies across the United States, but the numbers are a little off.

“To date, 200 requests for law enforcement support have been filled, and 800 are pending,” a Department of Defense spokesman told TheBlaze.

So only several hundred military war vehicles are actually slated for transfer to law enforcement agencies.

“We have 24,000 currently in the inventory; the services altogether took a hard look resetting the force and we want to get back to more conventional warfighting instead of counterinsurgency and (they) said ok, we need to maintain some MRAPs in the future but we’re only taking certain models that will be most useful,” the DoD said.

The Army’s Medium All-Terrain Vehicle is one of the MRAP versions the department says it want’s to maintain for potential future needs. But the other, older versions will be divested to multiple agencies, including local law enforcement.

Within the United States, any federal or state law enforcement agency whose officers have arrest and apprehension authority can request and potentially receive excess DoD personal property through the 1033 program.

To date, 200 requests for law enforcement support have been filled, and 800 are pending. Thousands of the vehicles will not go to local police units, but will be sent to allied forces who can put the huge war machines to use.

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