Friday, June 22, 2012

Obama's early life, one big lie???

Pro Obama Biographer Admits Obama Family History Based On Myth

by Clark Kent

Yet another Barack Obama biography has been recently published. This time it was written by someone friendly to Obama. David Maraniss, in his book, Barack Obama: The Story, sought to chronicle the early years of young Obama and tell of things that molded and shaped him into being the person he is today.

Maraniss diligently researched as much as he could about Obama’s childhood, including the relationship between his parents. He looked up records and interviewed as many people as possible that may have had some knowledge of Barack Obama Sr and Ann Dunham, his father and mother.

But what Maraniss discovered was that the family history told by Obama at the 2004 National Democratic Convention and again during the 2008 presidential campaign is more fiction than fact.

For instance, Maraniss found out from close friends of Obama Sr in his 1961-62 college days that most of them never knew or heard of Ann or a child. One of those friends, a Cambodian named Kiri Tith was supposedly very close to Obama Sr. Tith told Maraniss that he had met Ann, but not though Barack and that he never had any clue that Ann and Barack even knew each other, let alone that she got pregnant by him. Yet Obama Jr tells everyone how close his parents were in those days.

Maraniss also notes that according to Obama Jr’s birth certificate, his family lived in the home of Dunham’s parents at 6085 Kalanianole Highway. But Obama Sr informed the INS that only Ann and her baby lived there without him. Yet, in his investigation, Maraniss learned that at that time, the Pratt family lived with Ann’s parents at that house and there was no room for Ann and her baby to stay there. When he interviewed the Pratt’s daughter, she had no recollection of Ann or the baby staying at the house.

There are other inconsistencies in Obama’s early life that Maraniss discovered. He said that when you add them all up, that Obama’s version of his life as told in 2004 and 2008 are “received myth, not the truth.”

So why is Barack Obama continually lying about his life? Perhaps this is why he has been refusing to make any of his records available for scrutiny. They probably contain a truth he would rather the American people never heard. Instead, he continues to lie to us every time he opens his mouth.

And if you can’t believe what he says about his own life, do you really want him in control of yours?


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