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More on Jack White who passed away earlier this week...

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Jack White

Jack D. White was born on January 17, 1927, in San Angelo, Texas. His parents, John Nathan White and Billie Lorena Dumas White, moved the family to Fort Worth shortly after his birth and he was raised and educated there. After graduation from Amon Carter Riverside High School in 1944, White worked briefly for the Fort Worth Press as a sports writer covering high school sports under legendary sports editor H. H. "Pop" Boone.

During the Second World War White enlisted in the U.S. Navy. After his discharge in 1946, White returned to Fort Worth to pursue his interest in journalism, art, and history. He graduated from Texas Christian University in 1949, with a B.A. in journalism and began an advertising career as copywriter and art director at Yates Advertising Agency in Fort Worth. In 1954, he joined the Witherspoon and Ridings Public Relations Agency in Fort Worth, which later became Witherspoon and Associates, at the time the largest advertising agency in town. White began as the firm’s first art director and during his twenty-seven years with the agency rose to vice-president, executive art director, personnel manager, and part owner. He specialized in design, type management, and photography and developed their in-house facilities for darkroom work, studio photography, and slide show presentations.

Although White had photographed the city since the 1950s, he only began collecting Fort Worth photographs seriously in 1972, when Witherspoon was planning the 100th anniversary of one of its clients, the Fort Worth National Bank. He was in charge of acquiring copies of historical prints of Fort Worth for the bank’s annual report, a historical booklet, and an exhibit for the bank lobby. After the anniversary event, he took care to preserve all the exhibit materials. During the next twenty years White reproduced other clients’ historical photographs and took hundreds of pictures to add to the collection.

Another of White’s areas of expertise and collecting interests is the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, in 1963. He is nationally known as an expert on the assassination and served as a photographic consultant to the House Select Committee on Assassinations during the hearings. He was also a consultant on the Oliver Stone film, JFK. As a result of his interest in the Kennedy assassination, White published two videotapes on his photographic studies of the assassination. He has developed a slide lecture, which he presents to classes and symposia on the JFK assassination and also contributes his research to professional journals.

White, along with David Mantik, Charles Crenshaw, Robert Livingston and Ronald F. White, contributed to Assassination Science (edited by James H. Fetzer). He also contributed several articles for Murder in Dealey Plaza (2000) and The Great Zapruder Film Hoax (2003).

White retired from Witherspoon and Associates in 1981, and formed his own company, Jack White Enterprises, which specialized in free-lance art and photography. In 1984, as business increased, he took on partners. The firm’s name changed to VJS Companies, and the company added new services, including typography and photostats. The firm closed for a brief period in 1991, following several setbacks, but reopened later in the year as Jack White Graphic Arts. Now retired, White lives in the White Lake Hills addition in east Fort Worth with his wife the former Sue Benningfield. Their home, built in 1970, was designed to focus on a view of the downtown Fort Worth skyline.

Jack D. White died, aged 85, on 18th June, 2012.

(1) Jack White, 20 Years of Thoughts About the Zapruder Film, included in Assassination Science (1998)

Ron Redmon, a school principal in Indiana, has studied the Z-film extensively. Ron discovered that approximately 20 spectators along the north Elm curb east of the Stemmons sign do not appear to move for more than three seconds, while every spectator on the south curb does move. By overlapping images from two slide projectors, I determined that Ron was probably correct. It seems to me that a single image of the 20 spectators had been repeated over and over. It seems improbable that in this period of time not a single person moved an arm or leg, waved, or changed position to any noticeable extent. Ron speculates that when frames were removed in this sequence, spectator movements would have been very jerky so they had to be stabilized by repeating them. In correspondence with me, Ron also mentioned many other possible signs of tampering, which he summarized in The Fourth Decade in March of 1995. These include:

(A) In frames 144-153 (one-half second), spectator Hugh Betzner has moved a distance which exceeds human speed capability indicating excised frames.

(B) In frames 155-161 (one-third second), spectator Linda Willis has turned 180 degrees and comes in contact with spectator Robert Croft, another instance of superhuman speed... again indicating excised frames.

(C) In frames 161-180 (approximately one second), Linda Willis takes several steps, and Rosemary Willis takes several steps... again much too fast, indicating excised frames.

(D) Looking at the Stemmons sign, in frame 161 it is in perfect condition, but by frame 183 there is a significant notch on the top left edge, yet by frame 188, the notch disappears.

(E) In frame 255, Ron speculates that a fake shadow has obscured driver William Greer, to his west. Since the sun was overhead and to Greer's left, Ron says this shadow is inconsistent.

(F) In frames 312-321, Governor Connally turns 90 degrees in one half-second. Also the white spot on the grass in the background moves more than 10 feet in one half second.

(G) In frames 321-336, JFK's head moves from the seat back to leaning forward with his head in contact with Jackie's left arm in less than one second, seemingly too fast.

(H) In frames 153-155 (one-ninth of a second), a woman who is the thirteenth person east of the Stemmons sign has shifted her feet significantly... more than should be possible.

(I) In frames 335-336 (one-eighteenth of a second), Jackie moves her right arm a significant distance. Ron reminds us that laboratory tests show that a human eye blink is one-twenty-fifth of a second, and a flinch or startle response of moving an arm, leg or head takes one-fifth of a second as a basis for his conclusions.

(J) Comparing the Willis and Betzner photos, which are almost simultaneous in time, Ron notes that in Willis five adults and a child can be seen framed between the posts of the Stemmons sign, but in the Betzner picture, from a similar angle and a split second earlier, the same persons are not seen. Also, two women appearing in Zapruder in this sequence (188-210) should be seen in Willis and Betzner are not seen.

(K) In recent correspondence with me, Ron cites Dan Rather's description of the film and compares it to what is seen. Rather, of course, was one of the first persons to view the Z-film. Early in his commentary. Rather says the film shows... "The President's automobile was preceded by one other car... (the film does not show this)... the President's black Lincoln automobile made a turn, a left turn, off Houston Street onto Elm Street (the film does not show this). It got about 35 yards from the corner of Elm and Houston... at the moment the President put his hand up and lurched forward and it was obvious he had been hit." The present film begins with the limo already on Elm at frame 133 and the forward lurch is between frames 188-200. "Governor Connally," Rather continued, "... in the seat just in front of the President, sensed something was wrong... his coat was unbuttoned... and as he turned he extended his right hand toward the President, he exposed his entire shirt front and chest... and was wounded with... a second shot (as Redmon comments, no existing Zapruder frames show the specific action that Rather describes, with the governor in full turn with hand extended toward the President). Rather continues"... the third shot hit the President, and... his head went forward with considerable violence." Was Rather looking at an unaltered different film... or is he just a lousy reporter?

(2) Jack White, The Great Zapruder Film Hoax, included in Murder in Dealey Plaza (2000)

Abraham Zapruder, with his secretary Marilyn Sitzman, allegedly photographed the JFK assassination while standing on a pedestal in Dealey Plaza. But did he? Recently analyzed evidence shows not only that Zapruder could not have filmed "the Z-film", as it is known, but that this film and several other movies and photos of the assassination have been fabricated, altered, or faked to conceal evidence of the crime.

(3) Jack White, Was Mary Standing in the Street?, included in The Great Zapruder Film Hoax (2003)

In 1982 JFK researcher Gary Mack noticed what he thought to be the image of a gunman behind the fence on the knoll in a Moorman slide copy given to him by Robert Groden. Mack asked whether I could copy the image, enlarge and enhance it. By copying the slide at great enlargement and using a wide range of exposure stops, I was able to derive a number of optimum exposures which show in clear detail the face of a man whose chin is obscured by a puff of smoke, in a rifle-firing, pose. He seems to be wearing a Dallas police uniform, complete with shoulder patch and badge. Considering the original image is smaller than an eighth-inch square, the image is extremely sharp. This image was later confirmed by computer photoanalysts at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Jet Propulsion Lab, but neither would go public because of political considerations.

(4) Jack White, statement on the assassination of John F. Kennedy (31st March, 2004)

(1) President Kennedy was murdered by a cabal headed by Lyndon Johnson, Allen Dulles, J. Edgar Hoover and Richard Nixon. The CIA and Pentagon carried out the hit... with help from Cubans and mobsters.

(2) Lee Oswald and Harvey Oswald were agents of the CIA and did not kill JFK. Both were controlled by the CIA.

(3) Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King were killed by the same cabal. Similar fate befell several others who threatened the cabal, such as George Wallace, Larry Flynt, John Lennon and Marilyn Monroe. Teddy Kennedy and Richard Nixon also were "eliminated" by the cabal. An attempt on the life of President Reagan tried to install G.H.W. Bush as president, but it failed, and Bush One had to wait his turn. Gerald Ford was installed as president because he was a willing stooge of the cabal.
(4) It is scientifically provable that the Zapruder film of the JFK assassination is a fabrication by the government.

(5) Jack White, JFK Research Assassination Forum(2nd April, 2004)
On 11-22-63 I was certain it was LBJ and cronies. For the next 30 years I read every book and watched every TV show, and considered... the CIA, the Mafia, the Cubans, the Russians, the Secret Service... you name it, I considered it. But I knew it was not a lone nut kid named Oswald. By about 1990 I was back where I started. I was certain it was LBJ and friends.

Over the years, logic prevailed. Who benefited most? Who had the motive, means, opportunity? Who could cover up the crime? Who could control the autopsy? Who could control the investigations and the investigators? Who could control the evidence and suppress or change it? Who could fabricate evidence in the hands of the FBI? Who could control the media? Who could control the public? Who could control the patsy? Who could fabricate the Zabruder film? Certainly not Dulles... Giancana... Castro... Kruschev... etc.

ANSWER: THE POWER OF THE PRESIDENCY.... especially a venal and corrupt president and his friends, backers, and cronies. Lyndon Baines Johnson. He controlled Texas. He controlled Dallas. He controlled Hoover. He controlled Dulles. He controlled the military. He controlled Warren and the commission. He had alliances with the mafia and the media. He and Hoover used BLACKMAIL and murder to control those he could not control. Hoover fabricated evidence for him. Hoover was his next door neighbor. He allied himself with Hoover, Dullles, Nixon and his backers in the oil/military industrial complex/CIA/military to carry out the murder.
That is the truth. It was so obvious all along. One of the most corrupt men in all of history... LBJ.


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  1. In the 1980's I knew Jack very well. He allowed me to spend a lot of time in his graphics shop, because he made me a believer and I was waiting on jobs he was doing for me. He and Victoria were an awesome business pair.

    I just found this blog and set of facts. This information and the work that Jack and his contemporaries did on the JFK assination was revolutionary for the time. I remember Jack in his Photo Lab happy as could be but I will never forget the day that he got his first copy of Photoshop and a hi-res scanner. Super high tech for that time period.

    Thanks for memorializing him in such a flattering way.