Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jack Hunter wants us to ignore the global elite conspiracy to create a New World Order...

Jack Hunter: When You See the Bilderberg's Meet. Look the Other Way

Robert Wenzel

Jack Hunter, who has been launching a curious defense of Rand Paul's endorsement of Mitt Romney, is now out with a piece telling libertarians to stop discussing the Bilderberg meetings:

When I hear someone mention "Bilderberg" these days, any adult conversation I'd planned on having with them is over. This is not to say that the Bilderberg Group itself is not curious. It is to say that such language is politically toxic. It is to say that mentioning them accomplishes nothing and hurts plenty. It is to ignore the problems that are happening in public all the time. Our debt, loss of liberty, perpetual war, and the emerging police state — these things should be discussed and debated on their own merits without Bilderberg ever being mentioned.

Most in the constitutional conservative or libertarian movements do not subscribe to conspiracy theories, just like most conventional right-wingers don't subscribe to Birtherism, but the small minority who do continue to embarrass and hinder everyone's efforts. Playing into our enemies' worst stereotypes is not an asset.

The Left is hell-bent on redistributing wealth. The neoconservatives are hell-bent on redistributing wealth overseas, and they really don't mind it so much at home either. Those of us who oppose these two have our work cut out for us. There is no need to remove ourselves from the national conversation by having insular conversations that no one else cares about, that make us look crazy, or that turn inroads into permanent roadblocks. Conspiracy theories can be fun to talk about, but for political movements, they can also be fatal.

Yup, in Jack's world a good little libertarian should vote for Romney and ignore the elitist meetings. If the banksters of the early 20th century held a meeting on Jekyll Island , where they plotted the formation of the Federal Reserve, it would be horrifying to expose such. Instead, in Jack's world, early 20th century libertarians should have stopped "having insular conversations" about the Jekyll Island meeting and simply joined in "the national conversation," which if I recall resulted in the evil statist Woodrow Wilson getting elected.


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