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Myths and realities of the situation in the Middle East...


The famed civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King said:

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

Indeed across the Arab world the oppressed masses are peacefully demanding their freedoms from tyrannical rule, only to be met with the tyrant’s forces and bullets.

The West has long dismissed the Arab populations as backward, submissive populations incapable of understanding or living in a democracy.

They have maintained these lies and myths about the Arabs and Islam to bolster their hegemony in the region through their proxy tyrants and support Israel’s mythical contention that it’s the only democracy in the Middle East. Israeli democracy is the most lethal oxymoron to describe a rogue, racist, apartheid, military and terroristic state. A democracy that commits ethnic cleansing, daily massacres, destroys entire villages and homes, and herds the innocent indigenous populations into concentrations camps to make easy their daily murders and assassinations, and besiege and starve 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza. Given that the West spreads democracy by overwhelming military force, invasions, and daily murder of civilians; it’s no wonder that they view Israel as a democracy.

Below are some of the Western myths about the Arab World that has allowed Israel the opportunity to lie and spread false propaganda to the uninformed western societies.

1. MYTH: Arabs are incapable of establishing democracies, free governments, and only understand force:

a. TRUTH: Millions of Arabs launched peaceful protests to demand an end to tyranny and the establishment of democracies that respect human rights and social justice.

2. MYTH: Arabs wish to establish Islamic theocracies that espouse violence, extremism, and terrorism, and will oppress religious minorities such as Christians.

b. TRUTH: The demonstrations across the Arab world have been secular, peaceful, and without any mention of establishing an Islamic theocracy as define by the West. Protests have been remarkable with Muslims and Christians marching hand in hand demanding their freedom.

The entire Muslim world rejects extremism and terrorism as true Islam is a peaceful religion that prohibits violence and terrorism against the innocent, Muslims or Non-Muslims. It’s been the American supported Tyrants and Israel who’ve practiced terrorism in the region.

3. MYTH: Arabs and Islam oppress women who are denied any participation in societal governance and freedom of speech.

c. TRUTH: Arab women have participated in large numbers in the peaceful protests in every country. They have been among the founding leaders of the uprisings, such as Asmaa Mahfouz, a 26-year-old Egyptian woman who started the April 6th youth movement that organized the protests. Women have led demonstrations, been spokespersons for the protests in the media, and often led tens of thousands of men focusing their demands and leading them in chants.

These peaceful protests have broken all mythical chains long stereotyping Arabs in the western media.

In the Middle East the tyrannical regimes that served America’s interests and signed a peace agreement with Israel are categorized as “Moderates.” Those who oppose both the United States and Israel are rogue, radical, extremist, and the piece de resistance—Terrorist Regimes or Groups.

The “Moderate” Dictatorships, an oxymoron if ever there was one, include most of the Arab States from the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf: They are:

Morocco—Mauritania—Tunis—Algeria—Egypt—Lebanon—Only the West Bank Palestinian Authority (Not Gaza)—Jordan—Iraq—Saudi Arabia—Kuwait—Bahrain—Qatar—United Arab Emirates—Yemen—Djibouti

These nations are important to the U.S. for three reasons: Oil—or signed Peace Agreements with Israel and have direct/indirect diplomatic contacts, trade, or supply Israel with Oil and Gas—or as Allies in the global “war on terrorism”.

Many host U.S. bases, especially in Bahrain where the U.S. Fifth Fleet is based or in Qatar where the headquarters of CENTCOM (Central Command) that prosecutes the wars in Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan is based. All have close relationship with the CIA and the Israeli Mossad has a heavy infiltration within the Arab governments.

The Rogue Terrorist Dictatorships are: Iran—Syria—Sudan

The Radical Terrorist Groups are: Hezbollah, Hamas, and Al Qaeda

Every single Arab nation (and Iran) is ruled by brutal dictators who would rather murder their own citizens than Resign.

The Arab masses simply want the dignity and opportunity to live free and enjoy a reasonable livelihood for themselves and their family.

For months peaceful Arab protests have struck fear in the hearts of their tyrants, Israel, and the United States. The long cherished stability and status quo is now threatened and will eventually succeed in every Arab country. America was caught off guard (another CIA failure) and is now scrambling to develop policies to deal with the new reality. Tyrants can only last as long as their military and western support lasts. Today the Arab peoples discovered that they are more powerful than any military or superpower.

These tyrants ruled by fear, intimidation, and brutal force using American bought weapons to subjugate their peoples rather than fight Israel, the real enemy of the Arab and Muslim world.

Let us look at how some of these tyrants are responding to their people’s peaceful protests demanding a change of regime and democratic reforms...

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