Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dancing with Obama...

Obama Libya Address Scheduled To Accommodate 'Dancing With The Stars'

Earlier this evening, President Barack Obama took to the airwaves to discuss the ongoing intervention in Libya and the responsibilities that the United States has undertaken alongside a "broad and growing coalition." But there was one more strategic partner that needed to be satisfied before Obama could give his address -- the American Broadcasting Company:

President Barack Obama's speech about military action in Libya on Monday was an important bit of oratory -- but maybe not as important as other priorities, such as watching the latest episode of "Dancing With the Stars."
The New York Times reports that the White House and networks discussed the best air time for Obama's speech -- which aired across several networks on Monday. All parities eventually agreed to 7:30 ET, which would allow enough time for the speech to be delivered and analyzed, without interrupting prime-time fare such as ABC's "Dancing," which airs live on Monday night at 8.

In a statement, the White House related that the administration "routinely works with the networks" in this fashion, in order to be "respectful of both the networks and their audiences." Audiences that, I guess, aren't as interested in limited, kinetic military operations as they are on paso dobles, performed by whatever passes for "stars," these days. Who's on that show right now? Sugar Ray Leonard, you say? Wow. It's tough to know how you're supposed to respond to that.

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