Monday, March 28, 2011

In praise of Glenn Beck? Who would have thought?

Glenn Beck And The Federal Reserve

So exactly what did Glenn Beck have to say about the Federal Reserve on Friday? Let's review some of the good points and some of the bad points....

The Good....

*Glenn Beck acknowledged that the Federal Reserve is a privately owned banking cartel.

*Glenn Beck correctly stated that the Federal Reserve creates money out of thin air.

*Glenn Beck noted that the Fed has tremendous control over economic policy.

*Glenn Beck interviewed G. Edward Griffin and didn't even freak out when Griffin started using terms such as "New World Order".

*Glenn Beck detailed the history regarding the infamous meeting on Jekyll Island during which the concept of the Federal Reserve was shaped and developed.

*He brought out that approximately one-fourth of all the wealth in the world was represented at that meeting on Jekyll Island.

*Glenn Beck at least mentioned some of the big players involved in the creation of the Federal Reserve such as "Rockefeller", "Rothschild", "Warburg" and "J.P. Morgan".

*He told his audience that our currency is backed by nothing.

*Glenn Beck correctly acknowledged that the Federal Reserve has no elected officials and that it is an undemocratic institution.

*Glenn Beck repeatedly mentioned that we are not allowed to look into the books of the Federal Reserve.

*Glenn Beck rightly proclaimed that when it comes to the Federal Reserve there is basically no accountability.

*Glenn Beck even asked G. Edward Griffin about what it would take to get rid of the Federal Reserve.

The Bad....

*Glenn Beck implied that those that link the Federal Reserve with the Bilderberg Group are a bit nuts.

*Glenn Beck repeatedly used words such as "crazy" and "crazy town" to describe conspiracy theories about the Federal Reserve.

*He failed to get into how the Federal Reserve greatly benefits big Wall Street banks such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase.

*Glenn Beck could have very easily have gotten into how essentially all of our currency is created by debt, and how this debt-based system is at the very heart of our financial problems.

*Glenn Beck only briefly touched on the relationship between the Federal Reserve and the national debt.

So it was not a perfect show. In many ways, it just scratched the surface. It also probably alienated a lot of people in the alternative media. But at least it was a lot more than we usually get in the mainstream media.


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