Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wisconsin Governor takes one right out of the Mussolini play book...

Governor Walker in Milwaukee: Bring out the National Guard to jail public union workers

Gov. Scott Walker of Milwaukee, Wisconsin says he is confident state workers will continue to show up for work and do their jobs, despite their potential disappointment in his emergency budget proposal. However, if there is worker unrest, Walker says the Wisconsin National Guard is prepared to respond.

This is precisely the type of activity Mussolini engaged in in fascist Italy and Pinochet engaged in in fascist Chile. Jailing union members as they developed the corporate state. Of course as man of the year for Time magazine, he was loved by the US Chamber of Commerce at the time (Man of the Year for Life Magazine) and other industrialists and bankers, like Dupont, JP Morgan, Henry Ford and other fascist sympathizers. The issue is no different today.

The governor revealed today, Friday the 11th of February, that he wants the state Legislature to go into Special Session next week to take up his plan to close a budget deficit. His plan calls for workers to lose nearly all their collective bargaining rights. This of course would mean they would be a union without any union rights. For if unions cannot collectively bargain then they have no say in the authoritarian vice grip that binds them. Walker also has insured that State employees also would be required to pay more for pension and health care benefits.

Walker first shared his plan with fellow Republican lawmakers in a closed-door meeting Thursday where he was no doubt lauded and sent to the Masch pit for his union busting tactics. He’s talking more about his proposal Friday and will no doubt be meeting with key business leaders who seek the coin operated politician to do anything necessary to beat back public unions and install a Pinochet type city work environment.

The governor says he’s briefed the National Guard and other state agencies, to prepare them for any problems with workers, as they learn of Walker’s emergency budget plan.

All of this should be illustrative of where we are heading if we do not begin to organize across public and private sector lines. Walker is simply representing the wishes of the ruling class in this country and could be the canary in the coal mine for many such actions to come.

We are dangerously close to fascism.


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