Saturday, February 26, 2011

"While Food Inspection Suffers, USDA Awards $60 Million For Study Of Climate Change On Farmers"

Another example of how the phony war on climate change is costing us millions of tax dollars that can be better spent on the real problems we are facing. This photo does not imply Al Gore is making any money off of this particular deal but you get the point. Others are...

Sociological Study Funded by USDA
Source - Des Moines Register

The project’s goal is to find out how various cropping methods affect greenhouse gas emissions or aid farmers in adapting to climate change and to evaluate farmers’ willingness to adopt new cropping systems.

Lois Wright Morton, a rural sociologist associated with Iowa State’s Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, will lead a team of researchers from 10 universities in nine Midwest states and two U.S. Agriculture Department research stations in Ohio. The team will include agronomists, plant and soil scientists, greenhouse gas specialists, economists, ecologists, agricultural engineers and sociologists. Twenty of the researchers will be from Iowa State.

The project is one of three multistate research programs related to climate change that the USDA said Friday it would fund, each with a $20 million grant. The other projects will focus on forestry in the Southeast and wheat production in the Pacific Northwest.

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