Thursday, February 24, 2011

This crazy terrorist sent emails to himself. Another terrorist conspiracy uncovered by the FBI...

It must be time to ratchet up the fear again...

Foreign Student Targets Bush's Dallas Home

According to the released documents, Aldawsari researched various targets and e-mailed himself information on the locations and people targeted. These e-mails were frequently listed with the subject line "Targets," and allegedly contained the names and addresses of three former US military members who had been stationed at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

In another e-mail entitled "NICE TARGETS 01," the documents claim Aldawsari sent the names of 12 dams in California and Colorado. In another "NICE TARGETS" e-mail, he allegedly sent categories of targets including hydroelectric dams and nuclear power plants.

In a seperate e-mail entitled "Tyrant's House," Aldawsari allegedly included the Dallas address for former President George W Bush. Bush moved to Dallas in 2009 after finishing his second term in office.

Elsewhere in the affidavit, an agent detail Aldawsari's web searches for "party in dallas," "dallas night clubs," and "can u take a backpack to a nightclub," leading the agent to believe Aldawsari was considering the use of "an explosive concealed in a backpack" as part of a nightclub attack.


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