Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Setting us up for the next false-flag terror attack?

Notice that the group has not been identified. For the past few years there have reports of missing nukes not only from Russia but the USA as well. Things are getting pretty bad economically speaking with the coming collapse of the dollar and the tens of trillions of dollars we seem to owe everyone. Could these rumors be the beginning of a fake terror set up in the making? Let's hope they are just rumors but you never can tell these days...

Muslim Extremists Claim They Have Acquired a Nuclear Bomb!

There are several reports coming from multiple Muslim nations in the Middle East that a group of Muslim Extremists have acquired a nuclear weapon. The weapon is said to have been bought on the black market and could be one of Russia’s missing missiles.

“We have a nuclear bomb ready to be fired at a moment’s notice.” “America and its allies need to leave all Muslim nations at once or this nuclear bomb will be used and millions will perish at the hands of the evil infidels.” This is what several news outlets are reporting throughout multiple Middle Eastern countries during the past week. The statements are coming from a group of Muslim Extremists who have not identified themselves by name yet. So far, America and its allies are not taking the threat too seriously and are saying that there is absolutely no evidence that these Extremists could even acquire a nuclear weapon. While the American government and its allies are not taking the threat seriously, there are many people who are taking it with a grain of caution.

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