Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bloomberg's comments are a slap in the face of experienced teachers...

Studies have found that the best teachers are those with five or more years experience. Read Diane Ravitch's recent book about this, as well what Bloomberg and the corporate educational reformers he's put in charge in NYC, have done to education there. It is a disgrace what is happpening. Now he's essentially blaming the teachers union for his poor economic handling of NYC's budget and his complete personal takeover of education in the city. Are there any Egyptians living in NYC that are willing to stand up for what Americans should be?

Bloomberg warns that 21,000 new teachers could face layoffs under possible $1 billion budget cut
BY Jonathan Lemire and Rachel Monahan

Under a possible $1 billion state budget cut to city schools, Mayor Bloomberg warned Friday of possible layoffs for teachers hired in the last five years.

Because state law requires cutting the most recently hired teachers in certain subject areas first, Bloomberg complained that schools will lose great new teachers in slimming their ranks by about 21,000.

"We'd have to part company with some of the best teachers," he said on WOR radio.

"It's a state law, 'Last in, first out,'" he added, referring to the rules requiring teachers hired last to go first.

"There are great and terrible teachers at every level of experience and age. ... In the private sector, nobody would do 'Last in, first out.' You'd do it on the 'Who is the most productive.'"

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