Sunday, January 30, 2011

By the way, how are the people on the Gulf Coast making out with that oil spill?

It seems like they have got everything under control...

Blood Tests Show Chemicals In Gulf Citizens Blood, US Gov Lied About Gulf Seafood

By Alex Thomas

In early September, The Intel Hub and Project Gulf Impact released blood tests that showed toxic chemicals in multiple gulf residents. Not only were these findings ignored, they were “debunked” by BP and government talking heads alike.

Three and a half months later we now know that these tests were indeed valid and ultimately show the need for more testing at a massive level.

KLFY Eyewitness News has conducted news tests on four males who age ranged from 3 to 43. They also tested a 38 year old female. The tests indicated massive exposure to toxic chemicals associated with CRUDE OIL.

“The two most common methods of exposure are either direct contact on the skin or by breathing it in. But ingestion, eating food already contaminated with these chemicals is another source of contamination and the one that worries those in charge of this study the most,” wrote in their Oil Spill Health Study.

The study done by the Louisiana Environmental Action Network also showed elevated levels of ethyl benzene and petroleum hydrocarbons in the seafood that the group tested.

These tests line up directy with the tests that we released on September 5th, 2010. In the article, “From the Gulf Stream to the Bloodstream and Why What You’re About To Read Is The Alarm Bell of The Pending Gulf Disaster,” Matt Smith wrote extensively about the health concerns of using over 2 million gallons of toxic dispersant to essentially cover up the extent of the oil damage.

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