Saturday, June 4, 2016

"I guess your community college classes didn’t discuss covert agent provocateur operations by central governments. What then is to be done? Nothing. The government thrives on this sort of thing. And there you all are, puppets of the government thinking the tune you’re dancing to is one you wrote. Huh. That’s a good one."

Papa Jack's Bedtime Stories For The San Jose Protestors

By Jack Perry

I have observed very interesting phenomena. The people protesting the violence they say Trump’s supporters commit have outmatched them in terms of violence. Take for example the latest near riot and assaults against Trump supporters in San Jose. Wow! I guess you sure showed them to not engage in violence by committing even greater amounts of violence! Who do you people think you are, anyway? The United States government?

I can tell you who these so-called “protestors” are. They’re from a loosely-knit coalition of various Far Left groups that often go by the name “The Black Block”. Now, they don’t use that name out loud when pulling together various groups for a demonstration. They like to think of themselves as “anarchists” but, in reality, they’re communists. And I don’t use that word lightly. Because I remember back when that word was used wrongly by the government to justify the insanity of the Cold War, the Vietnam War, and arming the mujahideen in Afghanistan. But here’s what I don’t get about these jokers. You can’t be an “anarchist” and still believe in a central government! Hel-LO “Black Block”! Communism and socialism are another central government! It’s the flip side of the coin of the current government.

Look here, children. Papa Jack will explain it all to you, my misguided waifs. You might think tying a black bandana around your face and throwing hen fruit at cops makes you a real, genuine article “anarchist”. Excuse me, but you guys were still crapping in diapers when I had already abandoned the entire premise of a government. Know why I don’t go to political demonstrations? Because I don’t believe in political systems! Why would I waste my time taking a side in an election if I am not voting in the first place?

Papa Jack says: Do unto governments as you would have them do unto you. In other words, ignore them. Maybe they’ll go away. But sitting out there throwing tomatoes (because they’re red, maybe?) at Trump supporters and punching them in the face demonstrates what? I’ll answer that: That you are fools. You think that violence persuades people not to vote for him? On the contrary, it swells his ranks. But besides all of that, what have you accomplished besides showing us all that you have not yet mastered your own ego and abandoned the concept of a government? Anarchists, are you? Since when did a real anarchist believe in a central government?

See, I saw all the protest signs from the various splinter factions that show up to these cop-pelting exercises. Many were professionally made. As in someone had the money to have them printed. Meaning someone with money is playing you clowns like a cheap fiddle. Wake up and pull your heads out of your fourth point of contact. You’ve all been had. Not only are you out there demanding your own version of a central government, which is comical enough as it is, but some shadow group with money is out there paying for the protest signs and egging you all on. If I had to venture a guess as to who that entity is, I’d have to say it’s the CIA or some other intelligence agency. Because guess what? You’re all making a case for a crackdown on “domestic terrorism”. See, my little wayward orphans, that is why you don’t get involved in politics and especially not demonstrations that obviously had violence planned for them. If you were real anarchists, that would not be needful to explain to you.

You cuddle-bunnies might all ask yourself this question: Whose idea was the violence? Was this planned? If so, by whom? You might also keep in mind this fact. For every group such as this, there are at least two informants in your midst. When the hammer comes down from the state, which it will, they’ll already have your names on the arrest warrants. Plus the evidence that the violence was planned. Of course, who actually instigated it might have, gosh, disappeared. Probably back to Langley.

Anarchists, huh, yeah right. You people couldn’t hold the line against your own minds. That’s where the real battle is fought, dummies. Not in the streets. He who realizes the concept of government itself is a falsehood also realizes “fighting” it only leads to another government manifesting like maggots in a corpse. Violence is not a solution because there is nothing to fight against here. As for myself, the government can criticize, slander, defame, or ridicule me and I simply do not care. If I thought I needed praise from the government, or cared if they slandered me, would be to say I care about the government or admit it’s ideas have value. I don’t pay attention to the government. To think I need to “fight” the government would be saying the government is a concept I’m attached to.

Listen to me now, children. What if they gave a government and nobody came? What if they held an election and no one showed up? Protests and demonstrations are futile. They are simple exercises in obtaining felony convictions, your name on the no-fly list and domestic terrorism list, and quite often a prison sentence. In a very real sense, you are doing the government’s work for them. You guys all use the term “brother” and “sister” for one another out there throwing rocks at the cops. Let me tell you this. A brother doesn’t do it with a rock or his fist. A brother does it with his mind peacefully. A sister doesn’t do it with an egg or a bat. A sister does it with her mind peacefully. Violence is not a solution. Know why? Because that, my brothers and sisters, is what the government uses. How are you different now? You’re wearing a black bandana? That is your badge and gun. Welcome to the State you have created in your own mind and enforce with your fists.

No, this isn’t the way. You had all this time to go out there and throw crap at the cops and punch people in the face? Really? Where were you that day when food banks needed help? See, I know you people. You’re big on talk, but you don’t walk the walk. “Food should be free!” Unless you have to work passing it out, right? Yes, I know you people more than you might realize. I’m not some dude that went through life in a bubble called a sheltered life. That’s why I’m telling you to stop this madness. Before it’s too late and you’re in a Homeland Security holding cell. Did you know they can hold your keesters indefinitely when it comes to terrorism charges? You can go to a military prison now, not just county lockup. Wake up, fools.

If you really were anarchists, you wouldn’t concern yourself with a political election! How many times must that be repeated? Come out from this illusion you’re living in! Someone scammed you and you think you’re a revolutionary. That dude on your t-shirts? Che Guevara? Know what happened to him? He got smoked by the CIA. Whatever it is you are doing, the government is two steps ahead of you and ordering your own steps, too. I guess your community college classes didn’t discuss covert agent provocateur operations by central governments. What then is to be done? Nothing. The government thrives on this sort of thing. And there you all are, puppets of the government thinking the tune you’re dancing to is one you wrote. Huh. That’s a good one.


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