Tuesday, January 19, 2016


The Current State of Anarcho-Capitalist Theory (Part 1)

By Robert Wenzel

Recently when having lunch with a semi-prominent hardcore libertarian, the man said to me that he thought all the deep thinking about libertarianism had been done and that there was not much more that needed to be hashed out..

I objected vehemently. I stated that there was much more that had to be developed and that there were very few that understood exactly what anarcho-capitalism meant.

My current discussion with regard to the nature of a Private Property Society (my preferred term for anarcho-capitalism) here at Target Liberty is an object lesson. The discussion points out gaps in current theory, but also the lack of understanding by most libertarians as to exactly what a PPS would look like--as far as the theory has already been developed

I view the idea that government is necessary as largely a myth. Government, for the most part, is simply an organization that seeks to survive and expand, driven by the people in charge of it. A change in government power is simply new people taking over power spots.

Government does not protect us against terrorists, it does not improve healthcare, it is terrible at charity and the police do little to protect us against crime. Government is a propaganda machine that creates the impression that it is needed for all these matters when in fact it is a suffocater of real solutions.

My working definition of anarcho-capitalism is a society where no government exists but where private property is recognized and respected...

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