Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Socialism by any other name...

Barry Appleseed sowing socialism

by John Myers

“Obama is a disaster because he’s an unmitigated socialist, what he believes is profoundly dangerous, and he’s undermined the Constitution and the role of America in the world.” — Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who is running for president

President Barack Obama may have little to show for his more than six years in office, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been busy. He has put in much work during his presidency to nurturing socialism at home and abroad. Just as he promised, the president is an agent of change — change bringing us socialism.

Can you hear it? Knock, knock, knock. It’s coming from the ceiling. It’s the rap of Obama’s socialist plan. And that sound you hear is coming from Alberta, which until last week was the Texas of Canada.

Like Texas, Alberta is loaded with petroleum wealth. And until eight days ago, it had a conservative provincial government that encouraged free enterprise and independent thinking built on the bedrock of petroleum. All that changed last week. Albertans elected the New Democratic Party — or the NDP, which is an acronym for the socialist party and, for many that belong to it, the Communist Party.

This is the same province that Cruz was born into, the same conservative province that has for nearly half a century been unopposed in its ideals for developing oil and in providing opportunity for risk-takers. It’s been a growing energy magnet. It is now held in the hands of the NDP, which is eager to clean up the environment and make it almost impossible for future oil sands development in one the richest petroleum regions in the world.

I doubt anyone was happier upon hearing the election results than Obama, who did everything he could to thwart Alberta and U.S. domestic oil production.

In his negotiations over the past six years, Obama was openly hostile to the Conservative elected party in Alberta. In fact, he vetoed the Keystone XL pipeline legislation that would have permitted delivering oil from Alberta. Obama also pressed Saudi Arabia to raise daily oil production, cutting in half the benchmark price for crude oil. The price of crude has fallen by 50 percent from a year ago, and it has become uneconomical for Big Oil to invest in Alberta’s oil sands.

And now Obama now has friendly government north of the Montana border.

Immigrants with their socialist bloc have ruined Alberta

The Alberta I grew up in was: God, cattle, oil and independence, not necessarily in that order. The old Alberta doesn’t exist anymore, as thousands of immigrants from the Indian subcontinent have been embraced as legal Canadian residents but have a far different version of government.

When I was a kid, I met Calgary Mayor Harry Hays, a rancher and a cattle auctioneer. Today, Calgary’s mayor is Naheed Kurban Nenshi, the son of Tanzanian immigrants and the first Muslim mayor of any major city in North America. Nenshi has plenty of his own supporters to count on, those who continue to rubber-stamp rising taxes, collecting more freebees. It is not surprising that he has been unopposed for five years.

In a gathering in front of thousands of Muslims in the summer of 2013, Imam Jamal Hammoud, “Senior Imam” of the Calgary Muslim community, said:

We have reason to get together and to love each other and to go paint and to paint our future especially in country like this [Canada] as minority. Muslims are minority in this country [Canada] and Allah Willing in the future they will be, Allah Willing majority. So far we are minority, so when we get together this is kind of jihad in a way.

Obama won’t do a thing to discourage the changes in Canada. He cannot because that is his vision for America. So keep in mind that while Alberta may not seem very important for most Americans, it is worth knowing if it can happen here, it can in time happen anywhere. And next time, it may not be a tapping on your ceiling. It may be a jackboot kicking down your front door.

Ludwig von Mises wrote in “The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality” that the majority is inclined toward socialism out of envy. He went on to say that socialists believe poverty to be a law of nature. So is dying, but let’s not kill the 20-year-old in his sleep — not with all those productive years ahead of him or her. But socialists only want to be as productive as they can so that an egalitarian society evolves, one in which everyone is under hardship but we are all equal.

I’ve got some especially bad news. It is not just the socialists in Greece or even Alberta, but millions of Americans are embracing the Alberta socialist victory because it supports their collective agenda.

On May 8, CBC News reported:

Americans don’t generally glue themselves to screens for Canadian provincial elections.

The niche audience this time, however, was bigger, given that it produced a historic power-shift in the epicenter of Canada’s oil industry and source of the most-debated pipeline project in American history: Keystone XL.

So that’s how Nebraska pipeline-fighter Jane Kleeb wound up seeking updates on the Alberta election. She and her allies celebrated the end of decades of conservative governance and the first-ever NDP win in Alberta history.

“I’m very excited,” Kleeb said Thursday. Her reason for optimism is the Obama administration might see these results and find political cover to reject Keystone XL.

“Now we can say, look, people in Alberta, the home of where the carbon-intensive oil is, clearly have sent a message to their government. So what’s your message to us?”

My message to you, Ms. Kleeb, is get ready for fewer freedoms, more taxation, $5 gasoline and a lower living standard. Kleeb and socialists like her are running to the rabbit holes as fast as they can. I don’t mind that. I just don’t like that they want to drag the rest of us down with them.

The Wall Street Journal wrote last week that the Alberta election could “pose significant new headwinds” for an oil industry already struggling with slumping prices. That’s an understatement. Obama’s war on North American oil has been conducted since the first day he sat in the Oval Office. After the BP spill, he grounded offshore drilling. He has not opened up new lands in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, an oil-rich region. And he has been openly hostile to the blue-eyed sheiks in Alberta, who can deliver oil in an instant. All the while, he has bowed over and given his blind support to the king and princes of Saudi Arabia, even though the kingdom has a medieval view of human rights, is secretly developing a nuclear weapon and is the country that has produced more terrorists to take a shot at American lives than any nation in the world.

In the world according to Barry: Iranian oil bad; Canadian oil dirty and bad; Saudi Arabian oil provided by Allah, perfect.

What Greens, socialists, communists and right-wing Republicans should know is that Obama, in crafting his legacy, is all in with Saudi Arabia and its oil. That means we Americans are all in along with the president. Be aware the next political shocker won’t be socialists taking power in Alberta. It will be Muslim jihadists seizing control of Saudi Arabia and the richest reservoirs of cheap oil on Earth. When that happens, we will pay a fortune to stay warm, never mind driving cars.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers


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