Saturday, May 30, 2015

It's all part of the plan, folks...

CO2 is the Demon Because Malthus and Ehrlich Were Wrong About Overpopulation

By Dr. Tim Ball

The world focus on CO2 is simply the end objective of a much larger political agenda. The Club of Rome (COR) and then UNEP’s Agenda 21 under Maurice Strong created a political agenda based on certain assumptions all related to overpopulation.

1. The world and all nations are overpopulated.2. All population growth is at an unsustainable rate.3. All nations are using up resources at an unsustainable rate.4. Developed Nations use resources at a much greater rate than Developing Nations.5. Developed Nations achieved wealth using fossil fuel driven industries.6. Developed Nations must pay compensation to Developing Nations for benefits gained at their expense and for hardships and adaptation costs involved in dealing with climate change created by CO2.7. Reducing activities of Developed Nations and slowing growth of Developing Nations requires a world government.8. Once a world government is established population control can progress.

Global warming and climate change are simply the emotional threats used to confront overpopulation. The problem is the world is not overpopulated nor warming...

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