Friday, May 1, 2015

If it walks like a duck...

Call a thug ‘a thug’

by Ben Crystal

If you looted, stole, robbed, assaulted and/or set fire to something/someone in Baltimore, you’re a thug. Torching the neighborhood pharmacy doesn’t make you a revolutionary. Stealing Air Jordans from the local shoe store is not a cry of freedom. And throwing trash cans at passersby will not release you from the bonds of – whatever bonds you believe are holding you back.

A coordinated effort to resist the increasingly militarized storm troopers employed by the government to crush the life out of liberty is social activism. Throwing a brick at tourists who made a wrong turn on the way to Inner Harbor is not.

There’s no nobility in wanton destruction. And pretending otherwise diminishes the sacrifices made by those who were actually motivated by the greater good. Looters, thieves and violent savages not only deserve no respect, attempts to suggest otherwise elevate them beyond their station at the expense of those who manage to challenge the forces of tyranny without looting the Sports Mart. Acting as if Thuggy McThuggerston pinching Pringles from the Quik-E-Mart is “sticking it to the Man” makes a mockery of those who “stuck it to the Man” without knocking over a convenience store.

It’s time to stop parsing words in order to provide cover for the parasite class. “Thug” is not a racial slur. It doesn’t take a genius to notice there were white punks gleefully taking part in the Baltimore carnage; although I can’t attest to what percentage were there on the latest edition of the George Soros Loot-n-Burn scholarships.

In ascribing racial animus to “thug,” the left is actually asserting a moral and logical vertex between “thug” and “black.” The only people who seem to be fixated on a racial undertone are the liberals. I believe the textbooks call that “projection.” Hey Democrats: not all looters are black. And you’re the only ones who seem to think otherwise. Check with President Barack Obama and Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. They have both quite comfortably described the rioters in Baltimore as “thugs.” And if they don’t convince you to climb off your racist donkeys, ask Baltimore City Councilman – and black man – Carl Stokes. He rocketed past “thug” on his way to “n*gger” during a recent appearance on CNN.

There are no Horatios at the bridge amongst the looters. And those who have stood up in the midst of the chaos to demand even slight return to human decency have become targets of ridicule, threats or worse.

Toya Graham, the “mom of the year” who publicly took her son to the woodshed after catching him joining the thug brigades, has been singled out for criticism; with some of the same liberals who cheered the rioters suggesting she face criminal charges for smacking Junior upside his head. Even longtime Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings, who took a break from whining about the racism inherent in expecting the Obama Administration actually adhere to the rule of law, discovered firsthand how interested the rioters are in social justice when his pleas for calm were loudly rejected by his own constituents.

The real story of Baltimore is the same as the stories of Detroit, New Orleans, St. Louis, Oakland and pretty much every American city overrun with crime, poverty and despair. They’re all run by Democrats; and have all been run by Democrats for decades. Baltimore has elected precisely one non-Democrat to the city’s highest office in nearly 70 years, and that one was 50+ years ago.

There is no doubt that the government has grown into precisely the sort of menace the Founding Fathers warned us about. The litany of abuses by federal, state and local authorities, much of which has been dutifully recounted by the Personal Liberty Digest™, is longer than the “shady foreign donations” section of the Clinton Global Foundation’s bank statement.

The suffering inflicted on the people by the increasingly arrogant state has cost us more than the Qatari Royal Family blew on buying Al Gore’s failed TV channel. Acting like an overgrown 12-year-old not only does nothing to advance to the defense of liberty, it provides the state with precisely the justification it needs to exert even greater control.

If you want to make a statement against the arrogant tyranny of government, raise your voice when the government acts arrogantly tyrannical. IRS political targeting, job-and-business killing regulations and Obamacare are excellent examples; arresting thugs for setting their own neighborhoods on fire – again – is not.


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