Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I thought Oswald acted alone??? :)

KGB Col. Stationed in Mexico City: Many in the Mexican Intelligence Suspected Lyndon Johnson in the JFK Assassination

KGB Col. Oleg Nechiporenko, stationed in Mexico City: many in the Mexican intelligence service DFS suspected Lyndon Johnson in the wake of the JFK assassination. The CIA helped to create and run the DFS.

By Robert Morrow

KGB, Nixon, Goldwater - all concluded the Lyndon Johnson murdered JFK. Mexican intelligence services (CIA infiltrated and run) immediately suspected LBJ. Air Force General Joseph J. Cappucci, a man very close to Hoover: LBJ killed JFK. Whitney Young of the Urban League was hearing it everywhere he went up on Capitol Hill. Madeleine Brown, a key LBJ mistress in Dallas, was hearing it everywhere, too, that Lyndon Johson had murdered JFK. Howard Willens, a member of the Warren Commission was asked by me if he knew in real time in 1963 that the Kennedy’s and LBJ were at loggerheads. Willens’ reply in 2013: “Everyone in town knew it.” Madeleine Brown was hearing it everywhere in LBJ circles in Dallas as well...

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