Friday, October 17, 2014

The thought police are going after Targeted by Censors

Thought police “gatekeeper mafia” pushing book-selling behemoth to censor content.

By Victor Thorn —

Amazon, the billion-dollar online bookseller, stands as a test case in regard to whether free expression or Orwellian suppression will reign supreme in America. Currently, nearly every type of book is available on Amazon. Only graphic pornography is banned. But certain forces are working tirelessly in an attempt to curtail free access to certain types of political and historical writings found on the retail giant’s website.

On September 30, this reporter reached out to Michael A. Hoffman, II, author of the book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, among dozens of other works, to talk about the war for free speech that is currently being waged.

“A campaign is being waged in the New York media to interdict in Amazon’s so-called monopoly over online publishing,” said Hoffman. “These grand poobahs are hysterically denouncing Amazon so that they won’t stock books by revisionist historians. One of these elitists, superstar literary agent Andrew Wylie, commented to The New York Times on September 29, ‘If Amazon is not stopped, we’re facing the end of literary culture in America.’ ”

Their motive, as Hoffman determined, is obvious: “This self-appointed avant-garde sees Amazon as a Neanderthal because of their libertarian values. I surmise that the ADL [Anti-Defamation League] and Zionist lobby are involved in the bowels of this movement, and wouldn’t be surprised if they filed an antitrust lawsuit to shame Amazon owner Jeff Bezos into operating in line with the typical Zionist bias.”

On the subject of multi-billionaire Bezos, Hoffman commented, “Although I don’t have any particular faith in Bezos’s future actions, at the moment he’s made every imaginable conspiracy book available on his website. Amazon represents the ‘new media’ that’s opposing ‘old media’ New York mafia gatekeepers. Bezos has opened the doors to a gigantic publishing venture, and that’s why so many people hate him.”

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