Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"Never forget this: Government protection of its subjects is largely a myth. It is all show."

Typical Government: Serious CDC Failure

Robert Wenzel

There appears to be multiple failures on the part of the US government agency, the Center for Disease Control, in dealing with the Ebola outbreak.

First, it appears that at the Texas hospital, where two nurses have contracted Ebola, after treating the Ebola-infected Liberian Thomas Duncan, there was no monitoring by the CDC at the hospital and there were no specific protective protocols in place for the nurses.

In other words, a deadly disease that could have been controlled by competent advisement was not so controlled because of CDC failure to truly monitor the situation. Because of this failure, the risks exist of significant new cases of Ebola developing among those who treated Duncan, That is 71 more people--and perhaps beyond.

Further, the second nurse to report Ebola symptoms, Abner Vinson, flew from Dallas to Cleveland and back after treating Duncan. She reports that she had a slight fever of 99.5 on the return flight. The CDC has now put out a statement asking those who flew on the same flight as her, Frontier Flight 1143, to call a CDC hotline number. Get this, CNN is reporting that the wait to talk to CDC personnel who handle calls to the number is 390 minutes. That's 6 hours and 30 minutes.

Because Frontier did not know of the danger that was present by the flight of the nurse on Monday October 13, the airline continued to keep the plane in service and only thoroughly and properly disinfected the plane today.

However, most bizarre, it does not appear that the CDC is reaching out to passengers who sat in the same seat as Vinson, on flights following hers in that plane. Even though this is what the CDC says about Ebola on surfaces:

The role of the environment in transmission has not been established. Limited laboratory studies under favorable conditions indicate that Ebolavirus can remain viable on solid surfaces, with concentrations falling slowly over several days.

Never forget this: Government protection of its subjects is largely a myth. It is all show.


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