Saturday, June 7, 2014


A New Theory - The Earth is a Perpetual Oil Generating Machine! (The last thing the elites want you to know)!

According to scientist Thomas Gold, the earth is not running out of oil as common propoganda preaches, but is in fact, a perpetual oil machine. In his book, The Deep Hot Biosphere, Gold puts forth compelling evidence that the idea the earth is "running on empty" is a scientific myth being perpetuated by the oil industry.

"Surface chauvinism," proclaims Gold, is why we've developed such a lopsided view of life on Earth. Whales and redwood trees we can relate to. In his book, he marries a "deep-earth gas" theory he proposed in 1977 with a "deep hot biosphere" theory he published in 1992.

The synthesis contains three heated revisions of Earth history. First, the origin of petroleum is nonbiological! And petroleum pervades much of the Earth's upper crust, not just the sedimentary rocks where petroleum companies hunt for riches. Second, life on the planet originated not in shallow sea waters but in deep sea vents, and today the entire crust of the Earth, to a depth of several miles, is populated by living creatures--the great bulk of Earthly life. Third, the non-biological hydrocarbons continue to leak up and to replenish oil fields. Our supply is not limited to the next fifty years. So with one sweeping hypothesis, Gold single-handedly proposes a new location and mechanism for life's origin, and claims we may continue to mine petroleum well beyond its now-predicted extinction.

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