Friday, June 13, 2014

Ain't no difference twixt the two...

The Republican Creed on Free Enterprise
by Jacob G. Hornberger

We, the members of the Republican Party, hereby affirm our deep and abiding commitment to the principles of free enterprise (i.e., economic activity free of government control and regulation), except for:

1. Immigration controls.

2. Public (i.e., government) schooling.

3. Drug laws.

4. Social Security.

5. Medicare and Medicaid.

6. Tariffs, embargoes, sanctions, and import restrictions.

7. Insider-trading laws.

8. Antitrust laws.

9. Agricultural subsidies.

10. SBA loans.

11. The Federal Reserve.

12. Fiat money.

13. FDIC.

14. Student loans.

15. Education grants.

16. Minimum-wage laws.

17. Welfare.

18. Public housing.

19. Environmental regulations.

20. Income taxation and the IRS.


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