Wednesday, December 25, 2013

OOPS!!! 2013 another bad year for the warm-mongers...

Newsbytes: For Global Warming Campaigners, 2013 Was The Year From Hell
by Anthony Watts

From the GWPF and Dr. Benny Peiser

News Media No Longer Interested In Climate Hysteria

2013 marks the 17th year of no warming on the planet. Almost everything that could go wrong did go wrong for the cause of global warming. 2013 was the best of years for climate skeptics; the worst of years for climate change enthusiasts for whom any change – or absence of change — in the weather served as irrefutable proof of climate change. That governments and the public would abandon the duty to stop climate change was in their minds no more thinkable than Hell freezing over. Which the way things are going for them, may happen in 2014. –Lawrence Solomon, Financial Post, 20 December 2013

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