Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bizarro world...

Up Is Down...Black Is White...And The World Bank Fights Corruption
By, Chris Rossini

Sometimes you just have marvel at what the establishment is able to pull off:

The government, which steals from one to give to another, is considered "compassionate".
The Military, which has wiped out millions of people around that world, is "spreading freedom".
The Federal Reserve, which destroys the dollar and which is the only source of inflation, is considered an "inflation fighter".

It's called bizarro world.

Well, we can add the following to the list. This week, the World Bank President declared "corruption" to be Public Enemy #1.

Reuters reports:

"The World Bank took a bold stance on fighting corruption on Thursday, with President Jim Yong Kim saying that corruption at both the public and private level is the scourge of the developing world."

Let me explain to you how backwards this is, and why it's a slap in the face to any person who understands what the World Bank does.

You and I work and earn money. The U.S. government steals from our earnings. Part of the stolen money goes to fund The World Bank. Yes....every morning that you wake up to go to work, you're actually toiling away to help fund The World Bank.

We all know that The Federal Reserve creates money out of thin air. And we all know that Wall Street cherishes the position of being the first receivers of the new money. As one would expect, Wall Street gets moving right away. The JPMorgans, the BlackRocks, the Goldmans make loans to foreign governments and foreign companies. They loan to "emerging markets" and "developing economies".

Here's the good part. The more of this money-out-of-thin-air that Wall Street is able to loan out, the more interest they can earn. And the U.S. government is all in as well because these loans act as "leverage" over the countries that receive them. If there's one thing that governments (especially Empires) love, it's "leverage". Vassal states obey, when you've got leverage.

With the incentive for Wall Street to loan to the hilt, common sense dictates that they'll make riskier and riskier bets. Some of these "emerging market" loans will turn out to be disasters. Eventually, the riskiest loans "blow up" in Wall Street-speak.

What to do?

You're not expecting Wall Street to suffer massively for these losses, are you?

This is where The World Bank (and IMF) come in. They use funds (i.e., your money and my money) to "bail out" these "emerging market" and "third world" governments.

Where do you think the bailout money goes?

***Ding, Ding, Ding***

You're correct if you guessed --- To pay back the loans made by Wall Street!

What a system!

Robert Wenzel summed up The World Bank & IMF perfectly:

"They are the enforcers that make sure global banks get paid. They will squeeze every penny they think they can get away with from the citizens of any country, to get banksters paid. They are totally evil organizations."

And Reuters tells us that The World Bank is focused on fighting corruption.

Bizarro world.


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