Monday, November 25, 2013

Death by flu shot???

Mother Claims Healthy Son, 19, was Killed by Flu-Shot After he Fell Into a Coma Just 24-Hours After having Vaccine

By James Nye

The bereaved mother of Utah teen is convinced her otherwise healthy son’s death was caused by a flu-shot he was given the day before he fell ill – in a case which baffled doctors.

In the obituary for her son, Chandler, 19, Lori Webb said that her son was given his first ever shot on October 15th after agreeing to travel on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

However, the day after receiving the flu and tuberculosis shots, the Brighton High School graduate began suffering sever vomiting and was admitted to hospital in Salt Lake City wehere he fell into a coma 24-hours later.

‘Sicker than he has ever been in his life. He says he’s never shook so hard his whole life. He had the worst headache, throw up, and he slept for about two and a half days and didn’t eat anything during that time,’ said Webb to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Chandler was ultimately taken off life support after a month in a coma and he died on Tuesday after 28 days in the hospital.

Chandler Webb’s direct cause of death was swelling of the brain, his mother said.

But Lori claims that it has to be the flu shot because her had never been ill before.

‘We’re angry because we believe it’s the flu shot that caused it,’ said Lori to the Salt Lake Tribune.

However, Chandler’s doctors have not discussed his case and public health officials repeated that the vaccine is safe and rarely has serious side effects...

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