Saturday, November 30, 2013

"Always remember that the truth, without question, IS the key to becoming entirely free."

Special Report: We Are Winning The Battle Against Evil

by Anthony Gucciardi

The following is a special message from today’s Storyleak newsletter sent out by Anthony Gucciardi.
We Are Winning, And It’s Thanks to You.

Anthony Gucciardi here with a special message that I believe is absolutely essential to transmit to you during our struggle against corruption and deception.

Amid all of the madness that we face on a daily basis, from the endless mainstream media lies to the government heads who continue to push their corporate-backed agendas, we are all burdened with an unconscionable level of darkness that we do our very best to expose.

But even during these chaotic times, it is absolutely essential to understand that we really are winning the intellectual war that we wage each and every day against corruption and deception — and it’s thanks to you!

It’s thanks to the powerful readers of Storyleak who continue to spread the word, who continue to use venues like social media to educate and inform both strangers and friends alike. It’s thanks to those of you who refuse to lay down as our planet is claimed by megalomaniacs in their quest to fulfill their endless appetites.

And I salute each and every one of you for doing so, as you are the backbone of truth journalism.

Never before could I have imagined that I would reach so many millions of powerhouse readers in such a short time, continually forcing the mainstream media headlines to conform to reality. Nor could I have imagined that I would break high level military intelligence regarding nuclear weapons inside the US that key agents have now told me may have ‘saved the lives of countless millions’.

And that’s really just the beginning of how we are affecting planetary change on an entirely new level. Never before have I seen such an intellectually capable audience of readers that know how to decipher fact from fiction.

Going forward towards 2014, it is essential that we envelope the spirit of Thanksgiving as it was intended, and give thanks to the very reality that we ARE winning — and it IS thanks to YOU and your efforts! And that is where I am putting my thanks — in the spirit of victory that activists like yourself have brought forth.

Let’s push even stronger into 2014 with the spirit of victory, as I make a pledge to enhance my efforts to grow Storyleak and other operations in order to help spread the word on a much larger global scale. I will also be sending out key special messages on a weekly basis using this newsletter platform, so please do forward this message and be sure to direct others to signup for free future alerts at

Always remember that the truth, without question, IS the key to becoming entirely free. On behalf of the entire Storyleak team, including key writer Mikael Thalen and all of the great individuals who have pledged to stand on the side of truth, here is to your powerful activism.

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