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So, how much have things changed???

Naomi Wolf ‘s Steps To Fascism: A Progress Report

Naomi Wolf

Back in the Bush era Naomi Wolf told Americans they were well on the way to fascism in ten steps. It is time we had a progress report now that Obama is in his second term.

1 Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy.

When Naomi Wolf wrote this, President Bush was trying to scare us with Al Qaeda is everywhere. He said, “You’re either with us or against us.” Obama, the Teleprompter Reader, was told by Wall Street to focus on veterans and constitutionalists. Why? Because the banks stole tens of trillions of dollars from us and we are close to collapse. The banks know the people of America who have 300 million plus guns will ask for the return of the money that was stolen from them.

A woman was stopped by the police who searched her car and found she had a copy of the Constitution. Their dash cam recorded their decision whether or not possession of the Constitution was legal so they arrested her and took her in to be processed.

The alternative media has done a good job explaining to people that Al Qaeda is working for America by occupying Libya and attacking Syria. Israel had given Bush a list of 7 nations to invade even before we had ground troops in Afghanistan. We know that Israel and traitors within the US did 911. It was not Al Qaeda. America owes its freedom to the brave resistance of the people of Hezbollah, Syria and Iran and to the Truth movement in America.

We are winning on this front because Wall Street changed enemies on us.

Score one for us.

2 Create a gulag.

Wall Street created lots of Gulags and advertised them. They have prepared over 800 FEMA camps and National Guard prisons for those of us who will get angry when 10 million Americans die of starvation. They published Army Field Manuals telling soldiers how to run civilian inmate labor camps. Obama’s mentor Bill Ayers said he would have to kill 25 million Americans once they got to those camps. They did pass the NDAA which gives the President the right to arrest us without trial and to hold us forever without trial. All of this is a lot of talk designed to get a civil war going. I told my friends in Boston 30 years ago that we would one day have a black President. My reasoning was that the Jews of Wall Street and the City of London so that we would focus on the race of the President rather than race of the bankers.

There is more bluff than reality in this step because there is no force on earth capable of disarming Americans before the dollar collapses in the next few months.

Score one for us.

3 Develop a thug caste

The TSA is a bunch of thugs. But do not compare them to the Waffen SS when it comes to fighting. The TSA deliberately hired people with criminal records even including pedophilia precisely so they can use genital groping to humiliate us. The TSA is so unpopular that they will be an extreme liability when it comes time to hit the American people really hard. That is by design. The TSA is more hated than even the IRS. Putting untrained creeps and cretins on the roads to grab our genitals and guns will just get the TSA and any local police standing next to them killed. The older cops probably figured this out already. Wall Street has been lowering IQ scores on entrance exams for the police. They are recruiting as many stupid thugs as they can.

Their thug cast will work to their advantage until the shooting starts. These men are cowards and not warriors.

Score this one as a push.

4 Set up an internal surveillance system.

They do have a lot of gadgets and gizmos watching us. TVs and computers can now watch us. Smart meters regulate our appliances and can turn them off whenever they think we are using too much heat or washing clothes at an hour the government does not like. They also record all of our conversations and emails. Our cell phones are mandated to give the government the ability to listen to our conversations even after we turned them off. Those 30,000 drones can listen to us, track us and even kill us. All of this surveillance is designed to keep you from resisting.

Score this for the bankers.

5 Harass citizens’ groups.

The FBI has been treating the Occupy Wall Street protesters as terrorists. I heard of a protest in Boston where they attempted to march on the Israeli consulate. American liberals do not seem to understand that the National Security State is there to protect the Jews against the Gentiles. Gun control is really goy control. DHS had a conference call with 31 mayors and told them to push hard against the protesters. The police in America have been getting training in Israel. The Israelis take them into occupied Palestine to train our police to treat Americans like Palestinians. You might remember what happened. In Oakland a policemen at close range fired a tear gas round directly at the head of a protesting man who was sent into a coma. Israel tells their police to fire at the head and eyes of protesters at close range. They have intentionally blinded peaceful protesters.

Score this one for the bankers.

6 Engage in arbitrary detention and release.

The Banker Occupied government has been arbitrarily arresting us for a long. long time. Consider the case of Stacy Lynne of Fort Collins Colorado who had been trying to organize resistance to Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is an elitist program that takes our land and resources and turns them over to the control of the uber rich through the UN. The movie Hunger Games shows what the results of these schemes would be. Stacy Lynne’s son was arbitrarily taken from her without cause by judge Julie Kuntz Field (Feld?) who was linked to the billionaire Obama donor Pat Stryker. You might remember that Obama had given her company Abound Solar a 400 million dollar loan guarantee. The company filed for bankruptcy and all that taxpayer money vaporized. Stacy Lynne has been set back and still does not have her son. But she fights on and is gathering support. I am confident she will win her court case and have her son returned.

I have not seen a census of American prisons but it seems to me that more than two thirds of our prisoners are either drug offenders or illegal aliens. Of course some are both. That means only a few thousand spaces remain for political prisoners to be arrested. In the next phase they will be forced to open up FEMA Camps to round up even 100.000 of us resistors. And that is something they cannot do. I do admit that welfare recipients will meekly follow the free cheese handouts into prisons but the rest of us will not go.

Score this one for us.

7 Target key individuals

Take a look at the rampant organized pedophilia inside the government. Pedophiles are one of the few groups of men who will follow the orders of the NWO. When state Senator Nancy Schaefer spoke, both she and her husband were murdered. The bankers have killed thousands of us since they killed Edgar Allan Poe and Abraham Lincoln. But there are far more of us than there are of them. And the bankers have foolishly published hundreds of studies from their Foundations saying they want to kill six billion of us mere mortals. In their own writings they said they want to starve us to death or kill us with a series of plagues.

If Wall Street is going to kill us anyway, there is no reason to play along with their agenda.

Threatening to kill us no longer works. This is the year the Great Starvation begins. In fact their threats will only force us to prepare even more elaborate counter measures. People are downloading protocols to make high capacity ammo magazines and electromagnetic pulse weapons to take down DHS drones.

We be many. They be few. Score this one for us.

8 Control the press

It is no secret that the Jews own the press and the banks and the government. But the rise of the Internet has made mind control control impossible. The dollar is collapsing by design as it transfers wealth from us to them. But this is working against them as the Gentiles catch on to who is most responsible for the miseries of the world.

Score this one for us.

9 Dissent equals treason

George Bush tried that and it got us nowhere but into Iraq and Afghanistan which everyone now resents. It does not work anymore. We are now invading Mali to steal their gold to replace the bullion bankers stole their mostly white clients. The problem is that there is a limited number of countries with mines that can easily be invaded.

Americans and Europeans will soon realize that they have more in common with Africans than they do with the Jews who robbed both us and the people of the Third World.

Score this one for us.

10 Suspend the rule of law

Bush and Obama tried to gradually suspend the rule of law. We used to be protected against unlawful searches and seizures. But that was taken away by the TSA. We used to be guaranteed the right to peacefully assemble and to petition the government. No more. We can now be arrested for assembling outside government buildings.

This had been working in their favor but no more. The Declaration of Independence said ‘that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable.’ This government is run by people who want six billion of us died and the survivors living without any freedoms or property rights. All resources are to be controlled by the elite. Even the dimmest bulb can see that the government is helping the banks steal their money by the tens of trillions. The logical question is this: What do you think the bankers will do to you when they have stolen all your money? Bankers are tax exempt and will not be able to contribute to your support.

If the rule of law is suspended, mass arrests and death in concentration camps will be America’s future.

Score this one for us.

I can only conclude that America is moving into high resistance mode against tyranny. We might not survive but the bankers will definitely lose.


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