Thursday, July 8, 2010

Local news...

Then why isn't it brown all the time?

Brown tap water harmless, authority says

Dirty water flowing out of taps in the area looks awful but won’t hurt you, according to the Regional Water Authority.

Reports of brown water began Tuesday night, noted on SeeClickFix, which is linked on the home page, and elsewhere.

“The very warm weather last weekend and continuing this week has driven up demand for water,” said Kate Powell of the water authority in a statement. “The higher flows of water through the water mains have stirred up sediments similar to fire hydrant flushings.

“With the hot weather likely continuing, causing high water demand, consumers may continue to experience discolored water. Running water in an attempt to flush your home system will not clear the discoloration of the water.”

Powell said the water is OK to drink. “While unappealing, the water is not harmful. It is a personal choice whether or not to use the discolored water for showering, flushing toilets, cleaning floors, etc.,” she said.


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