Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Rule by king...

In 2014, Obama out legislated Congress 27-1
by Sam Rolley

While the Congress that just came to an end only narrowly avoided being dubbed the least productive in modern U.S. history, don’t be fooled into believing that nothing is happening in Washington. It’s just that nothing is happening on account of the nation’s duly elected representatives. The Competitive Enterprise Institute recently reported that the Obama administration enacted 27 new rules and regulations for every law passed by Congress in 2014.

According to the CEI analysis, the Obama administration issued 3,541 rules and regulations and Congress passed 129 laws that Obama also signed.

The institute also warns that little will likely change under new Republican congressional leadership:

The president, via unilateral executive actions — the now famous “pen and phone” — is making law, too, no matter what the Constitution says.

The new 114th Congress kicks off this week, so let’s look at where we are. The new GOP majority is readying Keystone, jobs bills, regulatory liberalization and tax reform.

It’s becoming clear, though, that Obama’s emphasis will remain his own executive actions, not the presumed trade deal and tax reform that were acknowledged mutual interests.

Between now and the January 20 State of the Union Address, the president will be out on a nationwide PR swing touting other kinds of programs like housing and higher education assistance that involve unilateral executive actions—and taxing and spending.

As Obama readies his pen and phone for another round of executive fiat, it remains to be seen whether GOP lawmakers will make good on campaign promises to walk back Obama’s executive orders from last year.


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