Friday, January 23, 2015

OOPS!!! Global warm-mongers are a cult...

Global warming believers are like a hysterical ‘cult’: MIT scientist compares 'climate alarmists' to religious fanatics

Comments were made by professor of meteorology, Richard Lindzen
'Instead of saying, oh, we were wrong, they get more fanatical,' he said
He says 70% of the Earth is ocean, and measuring its temperature tricky
He has previously blasted the IPCC for blaming humans for a global warming trend - and then glossing over the warming slowdown

By Ellie Zolfagharifard For

Climate change alarmists have been likened to a fanatical 'cult' by an MIT professor of meteorology.

Dr Richard Lindzen told a Massachusetts-based radio station that people who believe in global warming are becoming more hysterical in their arguments.

'As with any cult, once the mythology of the cult begins falling apart, instead of saying, oh, we were wrong, they get more and more fanatical,' he said...

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