Friday, January 16, 2015

Not like his father...

BREAKING Ron Paul Will Not Be Campaigning for Rand

Robert Wenzel

I am not at all surprised by this. Rand Paul told a New Hampshire audience today that his father will not be campaigning with him, reports Slate.

Slate went on to say that "Sen. Paul’s foreign policy views are less confrontational and isolationist than his father’s are, and he is running a more traditional campaign, assembling constituency groups, not just relying on tribal loyalism." Translation: Rand is more of a war hawk.

Get this. Slate tells us:

It’s also important to keep his dad in Texas because the son is promoting newness as an attribute of his campaign.
A pro-Israel, war mongering stance is newness?

Rand also blew up his father's perspective on blowback:

[H]e talks about combating Islamic extremists, he is careful not to go as far as his father did and claim that they want to kill Americans because America’s foreign policy provokes them.

Bottom line: Rand wants to destroy the connection between his views and those of his father. Rand is not a younger version of his father. Ron would never say many of the things Rand is now saying on the campaign trail.


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