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The Importance of the JFK Autopsy
by Jacob G. Hornberger

We experienced some technical glitches with the posting of the first two parts of our JFK video project and so today we are doing a complete re-launch of the project. In case you missed my article introducing this project and explaining its importance and relevance, here is the link to it: “Altered History: The FFF Video Project on the Autopsy of John F. Kennedy.”

Why was the autopsy of JFK so critically important?

The Dallas physicians and other people who witnessed the president’s head wound in Dallas stated that there was a large hole in the back of Kennedy’s head. Moreover, the edges of the hole had the skull protruding outward. When a bullet enters the skull, it goes in as a small hole. Since it is pushing brain tissue in front of it, it exits with a large hole, with the edges of the skull protruding outward.

Thus, the large wound in the back of Kennedy’s head denoted an exit wound. That obviously means that there had to be someone shooting from Kennedy’s front.

Moreover, immediately after Kennedy was declared dead, a press conference was held during which Dallas physicians stated that the bullet wound in the front of Kennedy’s neck was an entry wound. That means, again, a shooter from the front.

The official version of events is that there were no shooters from the front, only a lone shooter—Lee Harvey Oswald—from the rear of the president.

Moreover, an official autopsy photo of the back of Kennedy’s head shows the back of the head to be intact—i.e., no big exit wound.

Now, let’s assume that those Dallas physicians (and other witnesses to the exit wound on the back of Kennedy’s head) were correct and were telling the truth.

Then, if someone wished to cover up the fact that shots had been fired from the front, it would be absolutely necessary to conduct a false autopsy and publish a false autopsy report.

When the Secret Service team at Parkland Hospital forcibly prevented the Dallas County coroner from conducting an autopsy, which he was required to do under Texas law, that action, in and of itself, is obviously not conclusive proof of guilt with respect to a cover-up. (See my introductory article about this episode.)

But the fact is that the Secret Service’s team’s unusual action at Parkland Hospital was entirely consistent with a cover-up. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to come up with any other explanation for the Secret Service team’s extreme urgency to get the body out of Parkland Hospital and onto Air Force One, including the team’s implicit threat to use deadly force against the coroner, who was simply doing what the law required him to do.

Keep in mind: In order to conceal the fact that shots had been fired from the front, it would have been absolutely necessary to prevent the Dallas County coroner from conducting an honest autopsy and to take the body to a facility where a fraudulent autopsy could be conducted in secret.

The advantage of taking the body to a military facility would be twofold: first, the ability to secure cooperation through orders and with secrecy, especially on matters relating to “national security.” As most everyone knows, military personnel will loyally follow orders issued by superiors, especially orders relating to protecting “national security.”

Second, military personnel are inculcated with the need to take classified secrets with them to the grave. Even in the waning years of their lives, military veterans will never reveal classified information to their spouses, children, or friends.

The military autopsy of JFK was shrouded in secrecy, with people being required to actually sign written secrecy oaths as to what they had witnessed.

As I stated in my introductory article, the secrecy surrounding the Kennedy assassination never really made any sense. If JFK really was assassinated by some lone nut who just happened to be working in a building along the president’s parade route, why would “national security” have anything to do with that? If it was really just a lone nut, why not have total transparency on everything surrounding the autopsy and the investigation?

Indeed, when many of these “national-security” secrets got disclosed during the 1990s, thanks to the ARRB, whose staff included Doug Horne, the United States did not fall into the ocean and the communists did not take over the federal government.

Interesting enough, to this day the CIA continues to steadfastly protect the secrecy of files and records relating to Kennedy’s assassination, especially its records relating to George Joannides, the CIA official who had close ties to a New Orleans organization that was being funded by the CIA and which began publicizing that Oswald was a communist immediately after the assassination. To continue protecting its secrets relating to the Kennedy assassination, the CIA continues to claim that “national security” is still at stake, more than 50 years after the assassination.

When autopsy witnesses were finally freed to talk and when autopsy records ultimately began being disclosed to the public during the 1970s and later during the 1990s, all sorts of strange things came to the surface, not the least of which was the large amount of circumstantial evidence pointing to the secret introduction of Kennedy’s body into the Bethesda morgue at 6:35 p.m. and then a later public re-introduction of the body at the official time of 8:00 p.m., a mystery that the government had never revealed to the public and which it still refuses to acknowledge or explain.

In his gripping video presentation, Doug Horne explains how and why that happened and why that occurrence and other matters related to the autopsy of John F. Kennedy still matter today.


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