Saturday, May 31, 2014

Libertarian arrested for exercising Constitutional rights...

Libertarian Candidate for Governor Arrested For Gathering Signatures

Economic Policy Journal

Ben Swann reports:

According to the Minnesota Libertarian Party, Candidates of minor political parties in Minnesota need to gather 2000 signatures during a two week period that ends June 3rd to be listed on the ballot for state-wide races. That was what Holbrook was attempting to do when he was approached by five local park police officers.

“We were sitting in the parking lot of the park and the five volunteers who were with me were starting to sort our literature. A park police officer came over to us and asked what we were doing. I told them that we were going to gather petition signatures and he said ‘You can’t do that here.’ We know that we can we are legally allowed.” says Holbrook.

Because Holbrook and the LP volunteers were aware of the law, they explained their right to be at the park. Within 10 minutes another four officers were on the scene. Holbrook and those with him began recording the confrontation with police.

“The officers asked for my ID which I refused because I had committed no crime. He ordered that we stop filming him with our cell phone cameras which he said was illegal. He then grabbed me, twisted my arm and smashed me against his vehicle.”

Holbrook says that his shoulder was wrenched and injured and the handcuffs actually cut through the skin and Holbrook’s arm causing it to begin bleeding.


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