Wednesday, October 30, 2013

OOPS!!! Temperature manipulation revealed...

Smoking Gun That The Temperature Record Is Fraudulent

Steven Goddard

According to GISS, NOAA, and CRU, the 1970′s were much warmer than the 1920′s. Yet we know that the Arctic was rapidly melting in the 1920′s and was rapidly freezing in the 1970′s.

According to global warming theory, the Arctic amplifies warming or cooling, and in fact Arctic temperatures dominate the GISS and Had-Crut v4 temperature record. That makes the claimed relative positioning of the 1920′s and 1970′s temperatures impossible.

NCAR said that the Arctic was freezing up in the 1970′s

Climate Change and its Effect on World Food

by Walter Orr Roberts
National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado

In February of 1972 earth-orbiting artificial satellites revealed the existence of a greatly increased area of the snow and ice cover of the north polar cap as compared to all previous years of space age observations ….. The Earth may have entered a new “little ice age”.

The CIA said that the Arctic was freezing up in the 1970′s

Early in the 1970s, a series of adverse climatic anomalies occurred. …. The world’s snow and ice cover increased by 10-15%.

CIA Global Cooling

The IPCC said that the Arctic was freezing up in the 1970′s. The graph below is from the 1990 IPCC report, and shows Arctic sea ice satellite data which is conveniently omitted from NSIDC graphs that start at the 1979 peak...

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